Google’s the Self-Appointed Arbiter of So-Called Hate Speech


Google has a new tool to control hate speech on the Internet. They are apparently arbiters of our speech and they are getting help from the far-left.

They announced the release of an artificial intelligence tool, called Perspective. It scans online content and rates how “toxic” it is based on ratings by thousands of people.

It goes by the percentage of users that say a particular article or comment is “toxic”.

The toxicity score can help people decide whether they want to participate in the conversation, said Jared Cohen, president of Jigsaw, the company’s think tank (previously called Google Ideas). Publishers of news sites can also use the tool to monitor their comment boards, he said.

People can also feed specific words and phrases into Perspective to check how they’ve been rated. A quick scan of some very ugly words yielded counterintuitive results: The n-word was rated as 82 percent toxic; c—, a term for women’s genitalia, was 77 percent toxic; k—, a derogatory word for a Jewish person, was 39 percent toxic; and c—-, a slur for a Chinese person, was 32 percent toxic. If you add the phrase “you are a” to any of those words, the toxicity score goes up.

Hack Harassment, a group founded by leftists at Intel, Vox Media and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, is working to raise awareness. Other organizations, such as TrollBusters and Crash Override Network, are support groups for people who have experienced harassment online.

They’re all pretty far left. Give me a break – Vox and Lady Gaga?

Last year, gaming entrepreneur Brianna Wu [a feminist], along with Harvard professors, the International Women’s Media Foundation and the social-services agency Digital Sisters, sent a list of demands to technology companies for how they can clean up their services.

The left is notorious for using bots to besiege opponents. No doubt they will have bots for this as well.

Who are these people to determine what needs to be cleaned up and why aren’t they including right-leaning people in this endeavor? What happened to free speech?

The left is not liberal and seeks to control what we read.


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