GOP Are Going Against the Trump Agenda on a Key Item


They wouldn’t be as suspect were it not for the fact that many Republicans have been saying a wall is not needed. The Republicans don’t understand that if Trump fails to fulfill this promise, it’s a big failure for Republicans. They will pay a very big price for this.

Top GOP leader Sen. Roy Blunt told reporters on Tuesday that GOP leaders do not want to include Trump’s spending for the border wall in the spring budget, which is due by April 28.

“All of the committees, the leaderships of the House and Senate, are working together to try to finalize the rest of the FY17 [budget spending] bill,” he added. “My guess is that comes together better without the [border] supplemental,” he told The Hill. But GOP leaders may include some border spending in a separate 2017 budget for the military, Blunt suggested.

The GOP has the most power they’ve had since the 1920s and they’re blowing it. They appear to be afraid of Democrats or perhaps they like illegal immigration.

They are afraid to shut down the government and they’re afraid when the Democrats threaten to shut down the government.

Former Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston said last August the wall might not be “brick and mortar”. That was a frequent refrain from the GOP last year.

We can count on Mitch McConnell not breaking a Democrat filibuster for the wall.

CNN, a popular left-wing fake news outlet, reported in February that a growing number of congressional Republicans are objecting to the cost and viability of the Trump border wall proposal.

Many [the number was not specified by CNN] bluntly told CNN they’d likely vote against any Trump plan that is not fully offset with spending cuts, while others questioned whether Trump’s vision would adequately resolve the problems at the border.

“If you’re going to spend that kind of money, you’re going to have to show me where you’re going to get that money,” said Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a key swing vote who has already broken with Trump over his nominee for secretary of education.

“I don’t see how you can get a bill like that through (Congress) without offsets,” she added.

“I don’t see how that’s possible.”

Murkowski is a RINO.

No. 2 Republican John Cornyn is “deeply skeptical” according to CNN. He is suddenly worried about money.

Perhaps our government could stop funding foreign governments that hate us.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain said Mexico won’t pay and the wall must include technology, individuals, drones, observations, etc. Trump has agreed with that.

“I don’t want to see any spending, additional spending on anything done that is not paid for,” said Sen. Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, when asked about the wall.

The House and Senate appropriations said it would be difficult to find the money.

Amazing how Republicans found money for Barack Obama and approved every spending plan but suddenly, now, they found their fiscal souls. They should have found their way eight years ago.

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, a close McConnell ally who sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee, said: “Everything we spend we need to find a way to pay for.”
In the House, Trump could also face a wall of resistance from deficit hawks like Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.

“It looks like they’re going to blow up our budget,” Amash warned.

Outside of Amash, these are the people who approved all of Obama’s wild spending.

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6 years ago

These republicans figure they will still get their big campaign contributions from the big donors by opposing a wall. Of course, most will not take a stand against the wall, but will support a budget without a wall. Trump takes a big fall if he allows this. The party takes a big fall if it allows this. McCain, Graham and Collins may side with democrats and not support a budget which includes a wall. This isn’t about compromise with democrats, this is about republicans alone. This is the turning point for Trump.

James Hawkins
James Hawkins
6 years ago

Thje wall will save the USA more money than it costs to build and maintain! Some dumb Republicans cannot get a grip on this! They deserve to be unseated!