GOP Chair “Can’t 100% Promise” Nominee Will Be One of the Final Three


final three

Reince Priebus told George Stephanopoulos on abc This Week Sunday that he is trying to be as transparent as possible and it’s far too late for any Stop Trump movement. He added that he cannot guarantee there won’t be a candidate other than the three currently in the race but he said it’s highly unlikely.

Priebus explained the rules to Wallace. These rules have been in place for some time. Trump supporters are still in the minority at this juncture and unless the numbers swing heavily in favor of Donald Trump, they don’t get to decide who will be the nominee.

The delegates choose the nominee at the convention and after the first vote, the delegates are free. With all due respect to Mr. Trump, there won’t be a riot as long as the Republicans follow the rules and do not force through a candidate who doesn’t have a single vote.

The Sentinel is neutral on the candidates at this time. However, it is not fair for the 38% who voted for Mr. Trump to decide he is the nominee if he does not win the requisite number of delegates. Many people in the party are vehemently opposed to Mr. Trump, some of their complaints are fair and some aren’t but that is not the point.

Priebus explains:

“Well, plurality is a minority and a minority doesn’t choose for the majority. So you have to have a majority of the delegates in order to be the nominee. There’s nothing magical about the number. It’s 50 percent plus one.

So no one’s disenfranchised. In fact, they’re enfranchised by receiving bound delegates based on the outcome of the elections. And so that’s all it is. And so you have to have a majority in order to be the nominee of our party. It’s no different than when I became chairman of the party. I won on the seventh ballot, George, hardly a landslide. But I was never behind. But no one called me the winner on the second, third, fourth or fifth ballot. I had to get to a majority.

“Most state chairmen out there across the country go through this same process on the floor of conventions. So that’s why to us it seems natural that you’d have to have a majority of your party. So yes, that’s the person I want to be the nominee. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

When asked if it could be someone other than the three remaining candidates (though Kasich is hardly a contender and should go in the barrel with the rest of the fallen), Priebus said this:

“Well, I mean, I think it would be highly unlikely if it’s not. You know, that — I can tell you that. I think it would somewhat very unusual. But you know, I can’t 100 percent guarantee that. But I can’t imagine right now sitting here believing it would be anyone but the three remaining candidates.”

The rules are the rules but what is becoming a concern for many is that the GOP will finagle someone like a Kasich or a Romney into the top spot even though they know it will cost them the election because if Hillary wins, nothing changes for them.


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martha louise
martha louise
6 years ago

Good catch Sara!! I happened to be watching this morning and I couldn’t believe my ears!