GOP Chairs Say Justice Is Launching Anonymous Attacks on Key Staffer


The DoJ under Rod Rosenstein is abusing their power to attack GOP representatives’ staffers, and perhaps at least one chair. Rumpelstiltskin Sessions is sleeping through it all. He had no business taking a post that he was planning to recuse himself from in such a grand way. Sessions should resign. Rosenstein, for all intents and purposes, is the Attorney General.

Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunes, chairs of their respective committees, accused the Department of Justice on Monday of targeting a House Intelligence Committee staffer. It happens to be the staffer who helped draft an explosive memo that disclosed alleged surveillance abuse within the FBI and DOJ.

“I would have a lot more respect for DOJ or House Committee Democrats if they would take out their frustrations on members of Congress, and leave staffers alone,” Gowdy, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told Fox News. “The members make the final decision and are responsible for them, not staffers.”

Both Gowdy and Nunes say the DoJ is behind “anonymous attacks against the staffer. The staffer has been key to questioning the DoJ’s and FBI’s tactics in the Russia probe.


The attacks against the staffer followed the meeting between Rosenstein and the two chairs last Friday — the one that was so “productive”.

They referred to a report planted in the New York Times this weekend that used anonymous sources to say that Rosenstein felt “misled” by Nunes’ staff over House Intelligence Committee investigator Kash Patel’s trip to London in 2017.

According to the report, Rosenstein was questioning whether Patel was attempting to question Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the Clinton-DNC dossier that has never been verified.

Nunes has been a bulldog in pursuing corruption at the DoJ/FBI and it can’t be easy but he is relentless.

“Attacking staffers, planting false stories, and endangering national security by leaking sensitive information to the press, including information about intelligence sources – this is what the DOJ is doing,” Nunes told Fox News.

In February of this year, Devin Nunes said he was threatened by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Legal analyst for Fox News Greg Jarrett told Sean Hannity on his TV show in February that his congressional source told him Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks prior threatened Chairman Nunes and others.

Rosenstein said he was tired of dealing with the House Intelligence Committee and was going to request their text messages.

It looks like Rod Rosenstein is carrying through on that threat.

On May 10th, Scott Dworkin wrote that a GOP Hill staffer was told to steer clear of Devin Nunes, his staff and the GOP House Intel Committee because they are targets of Special Counsel Mueller’s office, the FBI and the DoJ:

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