GOP Dirty Tricks Perhaps But Who’s Engaged in Them


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We lost another candidate on the GOP line today unfortunately. Even though Rand Paul finished fifth he dropped out and will concentrate on his senate re-election campaign. It was nice having him around. He sincerely believes in individual freedom and the Constitution. Some are trying to knock out other candidates in the race so their favorites will win and they are using what appears to be an error and an angry Dr. Carson to further their agenda.

The “dirty tricks” case being made against Ted Cruz was also made against Marco Rubio at Patheos but a lot of people don’t want you to know that. All we will hear is how Cruz’s campaign was involved in the same dirty tricks Obama engages in, but is that true?

Iowa Rep. Steve King, a Cruz supporter, tweeted this on election night.

He later tweeted the CNN story that gave him that impression. Any one who knows King thinks he is a “dirty tricks” representative. He’s one of the number who aren’t.

This is the CNN Dana Bash story.

In addition to that tweet, a flyer went around to precinct captains with Ted Cruz letterhead making the same announcement but Dr. Carson was only going home to pack some fresh clothes. Dana Perino was on The Five and expressed skepticism, suggesting it was fishy and he might be quitting.

The story wasn’t all that clear.

Ben Carson was understandably angry and referred to it as “dirty tricks” and called for an apology which Cruz gave. Cruz said his campaign should have sent out a follow up email correcting the error.

These things do have a way of dogging a campaign however.

The media and the Rubio and Trump campaigns want you to believe Cruz personally directed the mistaken announcement.

No one is asking Rubio to apologize but his campaign did the same thing according to Patheos and The Politistick.

rubio campaign tweet


Close’s Twitter account says he is Team Rubio and all his rabidly pro-Rubio tweets indicate that is indeed the case. He says he is the managing editor of Outset Magazine which is nothing more than an extension of the unofficial Rubio campaign with hit pieces against opposing candidates.

Politistick picked up the fact that Rubio quickly used the opportunity to slam Cruz over this incident without mentioning his name yet Close’s tweet was deleted 15 minutes after the Rubio announcement.

Rubio sanctimoniously told Megyn Kelly the night of the caucus that he will never make up rumors that someone is dropping out to get votes.

“You’ll never hear me either calling for someone to drop out, or you’ll never hear about me making up rumors that someone is dropping out in order to try to get votes.”

One must note that the rumor helped Rubio’s numbers. Rubio and Cruz are vying for Carson’s supporters.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News was sympathetic to Dr. Carson and had him on last night but the only one mentioned was Ted Cruz.

O’Reilly investigated Wednesday night and believes that CNN should apologize for their error and Cruz should fire some of the staff who went ahead so quickly knowing this would hurt Carson.


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