GOP Elite Woke Up in Time to Claim Trump Supports the KKK



We didn’t hear a word from the GOP bosses when Obama was tearing apart the Constitution and our way of life, but now they are up in arms?

There are those who believe Marco Rubio has been enlisted by some of those GOP elite to destroy Trump. Marco has an ad out that pretends Donald Trump wouldn’t disavow the KKK. You can read about the kerfuffle it is based on here.

In the old days, this lie would have worked but now we have YouTube.

Sean Hannity is probably a Ted Cruz supporter but was more than a little unhappy about this new Marco Rubio persona.

Hannity believes he is under the mentorship of some GOP establishment who are using him to destroy Trump.

The GOP won’t get behind the peoples’ choice and they’d rather let Hillary have the nomination. The only other possible candidate who might be able to win is Ted Cruz and the establishment has worked hard to destroy him as well.

As Newt said, there are a lot of people who are “terrified” because Trump is “completely uncontrollable and he’s an outsider” who “represents the end of their insider world”  and they are “consistently frightened of Cruz” because he’s “consistently following his own internal drummer”.

Newt said “the anti-Trump consultants have concluded the only way you can destroy Trump is to destroy his character.”

Rubio has been calling Trump a “con man” but it’s based on political flummery. If that’s all they have then it’s not enough.



  1. We will see in the fox news debate, Rubio will for sure bring it up, will the moderators expand on it? several nites ago Bill O’Reilly on his show said the whole trump david duke thing is non-story, and yes Rubio is nothing more than a paid off controlled little puppet, Sean Hannity is not the only one talking about the gop plan to take out trump!!!

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