GOP Finds No Trump-Russia Collusion Setting Off Dems


The House Intel Committee draft of the Russia-Trump collusion probe was leaked Monday. The Republican-led Committee found no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy.

The Democrats had a long list of additional people to call and recall, but the Republicans called an end to it. It was driven by partisanship, not need, say Republicans. After 14 months, they found nothing. How long would have been enough?

Texas Rep. Mike Conaway led the investigation and spoke about it with Tucker Monday night. After more than a year, they found no evidence of collusion

The House GOP wants to move on and look at a way to keep Russia from meddling in elections again.

Eric Holder Is a Stain

Eric Holder, who was found in contempt of Congress, was the one responsible for Fast & Furious gun running, which has led to the death of more than 200 American and Mexican nationals.

This inept former Attorney General once pardoned violent FALN terrorists. He is a stain on the office he held. Undeterred by his own corruption, he went wild today over the “lasting stain on the reputation” of the once “bipartisan Committee.”

Would anyone expect a different response?

Al Schiffty Took the End of the Collusion Probe Very Badly

Schiff went off the rails before he even saw the report. Schiff’s starring role is about to end after more than 200 appearances on TV claiming there was ample evidence of collusion while never presenting any.

He wrote that he wanted to issue a joint conclusion [to water down the committee’s decision no doubt].

He is perfectly welcome to write his own report.

  • If THIS is their conclusion then why in hell are they supporting Mueller’s continuing sham. Just as it was with the 13 Russians indicted, Mueller can do nothing about it but “file frivolous Court papers”. It is the purview of the Intelligence Community to sort out Russian actions and report to the President for any actions to be taken. That is where the real “authority” lies in “combating” the problem. Maybe Mueller in his zealotry could go after the Grandmother that CNN ambushed as an example of a “foreign agent” working on behalf of Russia. I’m sure Weissman would be quite willing to take that case, as he is so adept in such matters.