GOP Has a New Really Big Name Donor ‘Libs’ Have to Destroy


The liberal Stalinists are going to be hard-pressed to destroy this donor. They would have to boycott the Seattle Seahawks or Microsoft and some hope to do exactly that.

The billionaire Seahawks owner, Microsoft co-founder, and philanthropist Paul Allen donated $100,000 in June to a group trying to keep Republicans in control of the House.

Allen’s never sent this large a donation to any federal political candidate.

The group, Protect the House, under Kevin McCarthy and begun by Vice President Pence, allows wealthy donors to make a single large donation which is divided up among a number of candidates across the country.

Whatever will the libs do?

Some on social media want to start a GoFundMe page for Dems to counter the donation. Others say he is really a liberal Dem. Still others say he is supporting “corruption, racism, and misogyny”.

A few are threatening to boycott Microsoft and the Seattle Seahawks. Many are just cursing Allen out or calling him a traitor to Seattle. Apparently, everyone in Seattle has to be a Democrat.

Crazy Dems have a good thing going with the character assassinations they engage in. Anyone who supports Republicans, who are all evil according to them, is also evil. Dems work right out of the Stalin playbook.

Perhaps they will try to damage Mr. Allen’s character.

Liberals/Leftists recently boycotted In-N-Out Burger after the owner donated to Republicans, but it appears to have backfired. One Republican invited the chain to Alabama, lines have been seen winding around the block, Megyn Kelly has condemned the boycott, and James Woods is telling everyone to buy one of their burgers every chance they get. The boycott has failed. The ‘liberals’ tried to boycott Laura Ingraham and her viewership skyrocketed. They now have a new, seemingly insurmountable problem.

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