GOP Issues an Alarming Warning to Trump for 2018


Tom Steyer, screenshot

The 2018 midterms are dangerous, not only for Republicans and the nation, but for the President. Since before he was elected, Democrats have called for his impeachment. People like “Auntie” Maxine Waters make it their near-daily refrain. In fact, it made Maxine — who lives outside the depressed district she’s represented since Conestoga wagons — a Democrat Party “rock star”.

Prominent Republicans met with the President this week to express their deep fears about next year’s House and Senate elections.  The meeting, which included White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and the president’s top political strategists, counselor Kellyanne Conway, political director Bill Stepien, marketing and data specialist Brad Parscale, communications director Hope Hicks and political consultant, Corey Lewandowski, was said to be extremely contentious.  Most irate was former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who warned that the GOP is in danger of taking a drubbing next year WaPo reported.

There are complaints about the president’s political operation and the Republican National Committee and the disagreements took place in front of the president. Allegedly, Lewandowski doesn’t feel he’s getting support and insiders resent Lewandowski trying to steer the political narrative. The President is said to have just listened.

There have been some significant electoral losses this year and polls aren’t looking good. It’s no wonder. The media bashes Trump 24/7 and nothing he does is presented in a positive light.

The sources who are making these claims come from The Washington Post so who knows, but there are legitimate concerns.

WaPo reported:

One White House official briefed on Trump’s lunch with former chief of staff Reince Priebus on Tuesday said they mainly strategized about 2018, and Priebus gave the president warnings about the electoral landscape. Afterward, Trump told others that Priebus expressed concerns about the midterms. Priebus could not be reached for comment.

For their part, Democrats are divided among impeachment and non-impeachment forces. Tom Steyer, who has been running ads for the cause, has funded the impeachment proponents. He says the Trump team are “cockroaches”.

A lot of Republicans think Steyer is a lunatic.

The White House released an email today of their recent successes to include:

Not a bad year

Under President Donald J. Trump, nearly 1.7 million new jobs have been created.

159,000 jobs have been added in the manufacturing industry.

Another 57,000 have been created in mining and logging.

The unemployment rate is its lowest in nearly 17 years.

And GDP growth topped 3 percent the past two quarters—after zero such quarters in 2016.

The bottom line is that while the media largely ignores it, America’s economy is firing on all cylinders. More growth means more of our citizens are able to afford their own homes, send their kids to college, and save for their retirements.

Under President Trump, Americans are getting back to work. Take a look for yourself.


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