GOP Is Ready to Join Dems in Demanding Some Federalization of the Police


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Revolutionary Communist Party marchers protesting the police.

The Obama regime is pretending there is a crisis in local policing throughout the country. They have opened 21 investigations into local police departments and forced legally binding agreements on them, agreements that implement leftist ideals based on the assumption that policing is inherently racist and causes crime through escalation.

The GOP is about to join them under pressure from the Obama administration who wants them to believe they must do so or risk looking like bigots.

There are calls from within the GOP to come up with transformational legislation on policing in order to keep that minuscule 5% support from black Americans. Obama is also threatening his own fiats if congress fails to act.

According to leftist ideology, police create crime and their racism causes the unfair incarceration of young black men.

Barack Obama is now elevating the attack on local police to a national crisis. All of his policies are implemented through “crisis” situations and he never lets them go to waste. Obamacare came about because of “evil” insurance companies, doctors and hospitals. Attacks on banks took place after the rich were demonized. Climate change is taking place because of an alleged existential threat and it is being used to destroy fossil fuel usage starting with coal. Anyone who objects is a flat earther.

The Obama DOJ is demanding more money for the DOJ because they are supposedly so overwhelmed with police scandals, according to Politico.

The DOJ only has a few dozen (leftist) civil rights lawyers to go on a fishing expedition to look for alleged “bad cops.”

Loretta Lynch is on board with the increase in funds for the now fully-politicized DOJ. “We always ask for increased resources,” Lynch told reporters, but added that “we cannot litigate our way out of this problem.”

The DOJ says they are “flooded with requests for the lawyers to conduct “pattern or practice” investigations into police units suspected of widespread abuse. “

One has to wonder who these people are? Gangs, corrupt politicians, leftists?

“The president really needs to address the resource issue,” said William Yeomans, a former assistant attorney general who now teaches at American University Law School, Politico reported.

That’s how it works, demands are made for the president to solve a problem that he has created stealthily, while he pretends the government agencies aren’t politicized and act completely independent of him.

Obama and his minions claim they can only do so much and they need Republicans to jump in on the federalization of police.

To ramp up the DOJ transformation of local police, it would need a Republican Congress to endow it with a larger budget and further powers, Politico reported.

The administration isn’t content with transforming local police city by city, town by town, they want to put it on speed and they plan to bully the Republican congress into passing legislation to allow them to do it.

The call to Republicans to go after local police stations on the issue is working according to one Politico article.

The GOP is not sure how to act because it’s allegedly an issue conservatives don’t care about, Politico reports. In some cases, Republican politicians wanting to be re-elected have bought into the idea that conservatives are extremists who don’t care about people. Some are going to cow to this obvious manipulation by the Obama administration.

Outrage is building and the GOP police brutality “is no longer an option,” Politico insists.

It’s not only police reform that is up for grabs, leftists want the criminal justice system transformed and they want the GOP to help them do it and sadly, they might very well do exactly that.

Leftists think the only reason Republicans wouldn’t do it is because they don’t want to alienate the police and the conservatives. It couldn’t be that they supposedly stand for the constitution and the Republic. Federalized policing and criminal justice is decidedly not American.

Apparently GOP lawmakers are collapsing and calling for change.

Several Republicans are looking for ways to jump into the issue without totally transforming the system.

Why doesn’t it ever occur to them to talk about the destruction wreaked on places like Ferguson, Detroit and Baltimore because of Democratic policies. Baltimore alone received almost $2 billion over the last five years but none of it went to Freddie Gray’s district.

Why don’t they fight back?

Republicans did the same thing with Obamacare. They bought into healthcare being in need of immediate repair and now the federal government has control over every American’s health.

Republicans bought into immigration law being broken and never once mentioned that the problem is not broken law, it’s unenforced law.

They do the same thing with the financial and energy sectors. Only a handful of representatives or senators will dissent.

People keep talking about body cams because most people are supportive of the idea though one has to wonder what happens to the officer whose camera doesn’t work that one time he’s in a confrontation with a minority.

What they aren’t talking about are the core ideas of Obama’s transformation which include demanding police have warrants before arresting criminals on the street who act suspiciously; giving civilians and social workers intense oversight; deciding whether a department is racist based on racial quotas; encouraging the use of fake guns; reducing prison terms; making some crimes legal; expecting police to go out without adequate protection so they look less intimidating; giving the federal government control over 18,000 local police departments.

This is the same ideology that led our government into putting the Benghazi consulate in the hands of locals, some of whom were al Qaeda terrorists. The far-left sees the military as causing discontent in the world and the police as instigating crime.

This doesn’t even touch the criminal justice system but all reforms will be guided by any violence used against blacks, Hispanics, and LGBTs. There will be separate rules for them and there will be an effort to fill the prisons with more whites to prove they are committing as many crimes.

Why not federalize and have a one-size fits all, aside from constitutional reasons? Here are a few reasons.

In 2012, the DHS issued a report that stated they wanted a DHS-controlled police force to control cities and towns through the use of local police departments. The excuse would be to fight home grown terrorism. People who think our police are militarized now will soon discover what it really means to have militarized police whose allegiance is to a single master and not the local taxpayers.

Security firms have replaced police in some locales and this has been supported by some Republicans. It leaves open the possibility of compromised policing. Their loyalty is to corporations, not the people.

In Utah, they replaced sheriffs with a Unified Police Department that is answerable to a CEO and a board of directors who will have taxing authority. It’s not hard to imagine how this prepares us for a global world where Americans have little control over their police, their taxes, or much of anything.

Just as the IRS punishes citizens who dissent, so could these federally-controlled police.

In January, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. warned the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee of the increasing federalization of local police departments.

At the Senate confirmation hearing in Washington, D.C., of Loretta Lynch as U.S. attorney general, Clarke testified, “What I have witnessed from the Department of Justice under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder has been almost hostility toward local law enforcement.”

Hostility is the right word.

Good policing is a local issue. To have the same approach in a crime-ridden neighborhood as one has in crime-free area is not going to work.

A federalized police force will be a lawless one.

The federal government can’t even control the police under their jurisdiction now. They have gyrocopters landing on the Capitol Hill lawn, an unarmed young black woman with a baby in her car shot five times in the back, and Secret Service cavorting with cartels and hookers and not being fired, and the list goes on.

A federalized police department and criminal justice system will be run by the likes of Barack Obama and Al Sharpton, and the Republicans seem ready to jump in.

This is not how the Founding Fathers envisioned the United States.


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