GOP Registration Burner Is Not Only a Trumpster, He’s a Fraudster



Larry Lindsey is the Trump voter who became an overnight sensation over several youtube videos in which he is seen complaining about being deprived of a position as a delegate to the Colorado convention because he is a Trumpster.

He even received a personal thank you call from Donald Trump who thinks he himself was cheated out of delegates. A word about that, while the convention idea is something many Americans wouldn’t like, including me, it’s what the people in Colorado settle for and Mr. Trump was given the information about the process in August. He can’t cry foul because he didn’t do his homework. However, that’s neither here nor there for this article. The real story is the deceptive Mr. Lindsey.

Mr. Lindsey wasn’t blocked because he voted for Trump, but he was blocked because he didn’t do what he needed to do to be a delegate.

He did not attend the county assembly on March 19 for the Douglas County GOP and would have had to go to the assembly meeting to run for a spot as a state delegate or vote for a delegate.

In order to be a state delegate, you have to be elected from your precinct to the county assembly. At the county assembly, you run to be elected to the state assembly.

Mr. Lindsey’s Facebook post shows he thought there were only two steps when there were actually three.

The Douglas County GOP has issued a press release, claiming Mr. Lindsey did not pick up his credentials at the county assembly on March 19, nor did he receive any votes on that day, which the GOP is saying backs up their assertion that Lindsey missed the meeting altogether.

mr lindsey

Mr. Lindsey had this all explained to him according to a Douglas County GOP press release.

There is more evidence.

Colorado blogger Christa Huff did some checking around after Lindsey’s video tirades:

Larry, I looked into your delegate problem today. I spoke at length with somebody knowledgeable on this topic.

In fact, you did not check in with your District 3 Captain at any point during County Assembly, nor did you sit with the District 3 delegates. (While it is technically possible that you might have checked in at the front desk — we will have that evidence in a few days — it is clear that you never attempted to sit with the delegates from your District, because they did not know that you were in attendance.)

I learned that this “Jan Morgan” person is not a precinct person in District 3, and might not exist at all. That explains why I could not find her on the Douglas County Central Committee list.

I learned that you were not present at the point, during County Assembly, when District 3 delegates gathered to elect delegates to go to the State Assembly. I learned that everybody from District 3 who wanted to go to the State Assembly was successfully elected as a delegate; and that there were no alternates, because there was not an abundance of people interested in going.

I spoke directly with the woman who supervised that election and filled out the subsequent paperwork. You were not present. What’s more, in keeping with normal County Assembly procedures, nobody was required to announce their favorite POTUS candidate.

In addition, I asked you to give me a factual written testimony, so that I could help you get to the bottom of this problem, and hold somebody accountable. You did not do so, which tells me that you are far more interested in drama than you are interested in problem-solving.

I frankly do not believe your story.

Mr. Lindsey squandered his opportunity, deprived someone else of the delegate position, and then put the blame on the GOP, capitalizing on an already bad climate for the GOP.

Social media is filled with these phonies. His story isn’t true.


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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

I involve myself in some community issues. It astonishes how many people put on the rose colored blinders that they made for themselves. Most operate from rumor and heresay, rarely do research of their own. Many of them are highly intelligent people.