GOP to Pass a Trillion Dollar Spending Bill Funding Democrat Agenda


The House and Senate will pass a massive 2018 spending bill before a government shut down on Friday. It’s expected to pass. The bill is a disgrace that betrays al they ran on.

It funds Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, Obamacare subsidies [with no authority for Health Insurance companies], a large tax on sales conducted over the Internet, gun control legislation [which they have zero authority to do under the Constitution], and various other left-wing agenda items.

There will be no border wall or border security.

The excuse they will give is they are funding a needed increase for the military.

It will cost more than $1 trillion and will add to the deficit which will reach at least $800 billion for the 2018 fiscal year. They will bankrupt this country. It’s only a matter of time.

Fiscal conservatives are furious, Axios reports. “[Leadership is] going to say we funded our defense,” one conservative House member told Axios. “And they will ignore the fact they’ve bankrupted our country in the process.”

“People will start to say ‘Why does it matter who’s in power’?” added the member, who asked for anonymity because the bill has not been published yet.

Democrats Will Pass the Bill

One conservative House member wants to rename the spending bill the “2018 base voter suppression bill”, according to a source who was in the room and who spoke with Axios.

The House Freedom Caucus members will vote against the bill, but the deal will pass with Democratic votes.

The bill will be shared by leadership tomorrow afternoon and it will be posted tomorrow night. If anyone from the right-wing complains, they will be labeled hard-liners.

The GOP will blame Trump for any losses this November but the fault will lie with them.


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