GOP Will Give Away All Leverage on Illegal Immigration


“Denham is one of the key Republicans leading a bipartisan coalition seeking the votes to use a discharge petition, which would allow representatives to bypass House leadership to vote on what protections should be given to immigrants living illegally within the U.S.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked CA “Republican” Jeff Denham if he was close to gaining the necessary signatures to bring the discharge petition forward.

“We’ve got enough signatures. We’ll have more members signing on as soon as we get back. We’ve had every Democrat, all but three right now, and we only need two more signatures,” Denham said.

That is absolutely disgusting. It’s the only leverage Trump has to get the damn wall and these so-called Republicans want still another amnesty with nothing in return. We have communists flooding in. The left is pushing for the uneducated of the leftists from communist countries who want freebies. The benefactors will vote for them for the rest of their lives.

The people coming will turn the USA into the “s***hole” they left, as the expression goes.

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5 years ago

It’s a Ryan plot. He hates Trump and supports Denham, funds him, campaigned for him. Republican leaders have this scheme to pretend to not be a part of this. But we have known for a long time that they favor a leftist form of amnesty.

Many republican voters are just plain naive, others feel they have no choice but to vote for the republican candidate regardless of this.

If Ryan does not have the chance to impeach, which he would have relished, he instead gets to crash & burn the Trump agenda and the party in the House.

5 years ago

Every elected official who is unwilling to protect The United States from foreign invasion should be hanged for treason.