GOP’s Upcoming Surrender on Illegal Immigration


GOP circus act

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Why do we need to legalize tens of million of people here illegally or related to people here illegally? The answer is we don’t but you’d better not object!

If people object to immigration reform as outlined in the Senate immigration bill, they are called racists. The racist accusation is a way to silence the opposition. Ignore it.

The Senate immigration bill was written in the White House by LaRaza. It’s not a good bill.

The 11 million number is completely inaccurate by the way.

The Senate immigration bill allows parents and children of people here illegally to get the same deal as the applicant, even if they are not in this country yet. It also allows people who have been deported to come back. The minimum number we will be legalizing has to be in the tens of millions, even if we believe there are only 11 million people here illegally.

What fool says we need to legalize people when we don’t have a clue as to how many there even are. Let’s do a roll call first.

The parents and children of the people here illegally have no work requirements and could easily prove a drain on our society. We give well-educated foreigners a hard time if they try to come here but we invite uneducated people here and lure them in with food stamps. Why?

A recent Pew Hispanic research poll surveyed the people supposedly in the ‘shadows’ and only 22% would register as Republicans once they are granted citizenship. Almost all of the remainder want to be Democrats.


Photo of the Democrat donkey with his crown

Why in the name of all that is holy, would Republicans buy into this? We should care about the people that business owners have brought into the country but we don’t have to legalize them to make sure their working conditions and living conditions are reasonable.

In reality, the people here illegally don’t need to be given citizenship. They can apply like everyone else, get on the back of the line everyone else is on, they can be given work visas, and they don’t have to be given their own special expedited line to citizenship with ‘phony’ fines and fees they supposedly have to pay.

The ONLY reason it is a crisis is because Mr. Obama decided it was a crisis in 2007 and used it as part of his platform to win election. It’s what the open border people want. We are actually ceding our sovereignty and allowing a bloodless coup in our own country if we enact the Senate bill as is.

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Mr. Obama said he would enact immigration reform his first year in office and prevent parents from being separated from their children by deportation. He promised to pull the people out of the shadows. That started the illegal immigration chain reaction.

The entire crisis is a pack of lies and the Republicans – the opposition party – jumped on the bandwagon. Republicans like to take their advice from Democrats, especially advice on how to get elected.


Photo of the new symbol for the republican party, soon to be called the Republicrats. The symbol is known as the Donkeyphant.

If you listen to Marco Rubio on the issue, he sounds like Mr. Obama. Both have said we already have de facto amnesty and we must get the people here illegally out of the shadows, they must have a path to citizenship, and we must tighten the border control after they are legalized.

Instead of de facto amnesty, Mr. Rubio wants to give them actual amnesty.

It’s a crisis, though it is an invented one. We do need to do something. We need to follow the laws we have on border security and reform our welfare and assimilation systems.

Rubio said on Tuesday that we must pass the Senate amnesty bill or Mr. Obama will legalize people here illegally anyway. Now the left is echoing that threat and adding that if Congress fails to act (do as Obama wishes), he will have no choice.

Why aren’t people outraged?

Hello? Republicans, where are you?

No one will bring up the fact that he has no right to act unilaterally. This is supposed to be a representative Republic, not a dictatorship.

No one will oppose Mr. Obama.


Photo of a dead GOP elephant still holding the white flag of surrender. 

The GOP are trying to surrender but they appear to be completely dead anyway. After they had their autopsy of the 2012 election, they decided to become Democrats apparently. It’s hard to tell the two parties apart except for the heroes like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, David Vitter, Steve King and some others. We have some good governors.

The Democrats killed the GOP elephant.

Boehner appears to be slow-walking the immigration bill to fruition, either because he wants it or he’s cowed. Who cares what the reason is.

Boehner’s RINO friends in the Senate, especially McRINO, are of the same mind.

It’s going to forever change our country and it will be irreversible.

We have no business approving citizenship for tens of millions of people without border-security and reform of the entitlement and assimilation systems. Call me a racist. I don’t give a hoot.


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