Gore Staff Say Omarosa Was the “Worst Hire We Ever Made”


In 2004, People Magazine published a report about Omarosa. She “was banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration.”

Cheryl Shavers, the former Under Secretary for Technology at the Commerce Department, was quoted in the article saying Omarosa “was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive,” even though she was only there for several weeks., “One woman wanted to slug her,” Shavers said.

She was terminated from another position “because she couldn’t get along with people.”

At her first White House gig, answering invitations received by Vice President Al Gore, “she didn’t do her job, and it got everybody in trouble,” says a former Gore staffer.

Manigault-Newman told People she was invited to work in the White House with Al Gore and did logistics and advance and event planning. That wasn’t true.

“Her exact title was scheduling correspondent. Her job was to respond to invitations,” says the former staffer.

From there she was handed off to different departments instead of being fired. Shavers ended up with her and said, Ms. Manigault “was unqualified and disruptive,” so “I had her removed.”


Omarosa beefed up her resume and played the victim who was “thrown into the fire” and left of her own volition.

The NY Times mentioned the Reality Star clown’s previous failures in a March 2017 article.

But numerous former staff members in that office said that she was pushed out of an entry-level, $25,000-a-year job replying to invitations to Mr. Gore after 13 months, leaving a pile of unanswered correspondence under her desk. “She was the worst hire we ever made,” said Mary Margaret Overbey, Mr. Gore’s former office administrator.

She was the “worst hire we ever made.” Indeed, it was Trump’s also.

Omarosa was always a Democrat who was eager to go full-bore for Hillary but there was no place for her. She wrote the book to get back into the good graces of the Democrats, make money, and destroy Trump because she is no Republican. She wants to work back into the Democratic Party again.


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