Gossipy Ex-Ohio Wrestler Takes Back His Accusation Against Jim Jordan


A former Ohio State University wrestler took back his claims that Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan knew of sexual abuse allegations against a university physician when he coached wrestling at the school over 20 years ago.

The doctor killed himself in 2005.

Every accusation of Jordan’s alleged knowledge was based on gossip alone. Not one of the accusers had direct knowledge Jim Jordan knew the doctor was inappropriately touching the male wrestlers.

An even odder fact of this case is that after players said he molested them, they kept going back for exams. These weren’t kids, they were college men.


The wrestler who recanted is Mark Coleman.

“At no time did I ever say or have any direct knowledge that Jim Jordan knew of Dr. Richard Strauss’s inappropriate behavior,” Mark Coleman, a former MMA fighter who wrestled at Ohio State when Jordan coached there, said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal.

“I have nothing but respect for Jim Jordan as I have known him for more than 30 years and know him to be of impeccable character.”

“Maybe I spoke without thinking,” Coleman said Thursday. “This has absorbed my life. Since I’ve said that, it’s consumed me 24 hours a day, and I didn’t like the way it was heading, the direction it was heading.”

Coleman was a wrestler at Ohio State and then an assistant wrestling coach with Jordan in the 1990s.

Coleman is the first former OSU wrestler to recant his claims that Jordan knew about sexual abuse at the hands of Dr. Richard Strauss, the doctor in question.

Jordan, who was an assistant coach at OSU from 1986 to 1994, was first linked to the allegations against Strauss in an NBC News article published July 3. A former wrestler named Mike DiSabato led the push to accuse Jordan of turning a blind eye to Strauss’s behavior.


Coincidentally, the story came out when Jordan announced he was mounting a bid for Speaker of the House. He has vehemently denied knowing about Strauss’s actions.

A long list of supporters who worked at the school quickly came out to say they didn’t know nor did Jim Jordan.

Coleman, DiSabato and six other former wrestlers said Jordan must have known about the allegations. The reason they said he knew is because it was a topic of frequent discussion. That is what NBC News now publishes as news.

Coleman is also distancing himself from DiSabato, the sports marketing executive who has sued Ohio State University in his sketchy past.

“Mike DiSabato and his PR representative have released information and made statements publicly without my authorization and, in my opinion, are using them to exploit and embarrass The Ohio State University,” Coleman said in his statement.


Jim Jordan, a former assistant coach at Ohio State was accused by two wrestlers, Mike DiSabato and Dunyasha Yetts, CBS News reports.

Yetts is a felon. Beginning in 2007, Yetts served 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to federal mail fraud charges. Yetts was accused of bilking investors out of $1.8 million. That was as part of an investment scheme he ran from 1998 to 2001, CBS News reports.

The Daily Caller also reports that the other accuser, DiSabato is accused of bullying the widow of a Marine over a memorial fund set up in her husband’s name. The money ended up going to DiSabato and when the widow’s lawyer sent a cease and desist letter, he began tormenting her. She filed a defamation lawsuit. Disabato has faced several lawsuits.

Unsurprisingly, Perkins Coie, the Clinton-dossier firm, is the independent investigator determining if the doctor molested the students, determining what went on. They are the ones turning up the dirt.

Also keep in mind that Speaker Paul Ryan, who wants Kevin McCarthy as the next speaker, first came out and said, these are very serious charges and he’d have to wait and see.

Awesome! Staunch Supporters Come Out Aggressively for Rep. Jim Jordan

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