Gov Abbott Told Houston to Evacuate, Irate Democrat Officials Told Them to Remain


Two days ago, before the storm, while there was still time to evacuate, Governor Abbott told people in Houston that if he were there, he’d head north. Local officials told them the opposite.They told them to not leave and expressed frustration that Abbott, a Republican, was sending a different message.

While Abbott was warning people in Houston, Democrat Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked people in the city to stay in their homes and off the roads to the extent possible. He said there might be a “greater danger” in having people who don’t need to be evacuated onto roads that could flood, US News reported.

Houston officials were frustrated after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott urged anyone who can to evacuate before Hurricane Harvey arrives, the newspaper reported.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Friday tweeted “please think twice before trying to leave Houston en masse.” His plea came shortly after Abbott held a news conference urging Gulf Coast residents to pack up and leave, whether or not their cities are under evacuation orders.

No evacuation orders had been issued for Houston.

Abbott has repeatedly suggested since Thursday that not enough people are evacuating.

So who gets the blame?

[Update] The leftist media and politicians won’t stop bashing Trump over the pardon of Sheriff Arpaio  and the left is blaming Trump for the reaction intruding on hurricane news. A Resistance tool with a. commie fist for a headline on his page, tweeted that was Trump’s fault.

CNN jumped too quickly on their headlines.

People didn’t have to wait for the government to tell them what to do but this is a Democrat city.

Houston mayor won’t talk to Gov. Abbott

The Texas governor says he can’t reach the Houston mayor. Abbott said Sunday he called Turner’s cell phone “several times” to “let him know that, whatever he needs, the state of Texas will provide.” Abbott said he has yet to hear back from the mayor.

In response to Abbott’s comments about evacuating coastal areas and Houston, the mayor said that they would have been rescuing people from flooded roads. Plucking people off roofs isn’t easy either. No one should rely only on the government. Make your own decision.

Rescuing from rooftops isn’t easy either. He says we “can still manage the outcome”.


  1. Linda J:

    The point is the story wanted to “create” a certain emotional impact. He kept stepping back to see what the impact was. It wasn’t until he entered the street did he get the “optics” of not being able to stand. This is no different than a reporter in a boat leading to the belief there was deep water but someone else caught it and showed people off to the side in ankle deep water. I believe it’s more, “look at me, the reporter” and see what I’m going through.

    There’s been a tremendous amount of footage out there from all kinds of people so a “Stunt” as this is just that, a stunt.

    Also, I have NO use for this despicable person. He, and Brit Hume did stories right after 9-11 Accusing Israel of being behind 9-11. As a result I only see Fox when someone puts up a clip of them.

  2. Certainly there were other options of whether to stay in your home or evacuate the entire city. I don’t know the topography of the city so these points may be without merit.

    From what I saw of all the rescue videos there seemed to be plenty of locations that are “higher ground” sites. Instead of staying put there could have been staging areas for those who were most susceptible to the worst flooding.

    I had seen one report of a location that was a “Fema Dome” and they were forbidden to enter. This was at the early stages of the hurricane. I don’t know how predominant this was but should be investigated.

    One part of Government is “Crisis Management” and that includes any kind of disaster and planning for it, whether it be fire drills in schools, tornado disaster preparations and a myriad of other scenarios. It is all reduced to how well a Government agency can manage itself. In this case it was well reported ahead of time there would be massive rainfall and Should have been taken in consideration.

  3. So many of you people sound like blooming idiots, including the article! Unless you live in Texas, shut the hell up because you have no idea what you are talking about. In Houston alone, their is over 6 million people. And you add in all of the other communities between Houston and the coast. To safely evacuate ALL of them, you would need more than a few days, you would need at least a week. I used to live in League City, which is between Galveston and Houston. Have lived thru many hurricanes. And the worst one I experienced was Rita. Not because of the damage, but because of the evacuation. It took 2 days just me and my kids and animals. The first day we didn’t even make it 100 miles, traffic was so bad, we sat for 12 hours, ran out of gas. People died on the side of the roads, because emergency vehicles couldn’t get thru. A friend finally made it to us with gas, we inched along to the next exit ramp, which took another couple of hours, went to Pearland, where my friends lived and stayed the night and left the next afternoon. If everyone would have evacuated with Abbott said, their would be a lot more deaths in Houston, because they would have drowned on the freeways. Abbott did what he thought was best. The Governor did what he thought was best. And Trump is handling it better than Obama or Bush have handled hurricanes in the past. Rescue crews on the ground before the storm ever hit. So you can be part of the solution or just shut up and go away. Either works for me!!!!!!!!!!

    • So sad & sorry for your distress. It appears that despite the predictions it is impossible to know exactly what nature will throw at us. Hope for safety for all & strength through a long hard recovery. Yes, mass evacuation could be a problem, but each person/family should make decisions based on their particular circumstances & needs. Elderly, sick, babies & childrens’ needs can change or make decisions for people. Prayers from many for you & your region.

  4. Seems to me that, ironically, the liberal media”s focus was all about Trump”s pardoning of Sheriff Joe while Turner was telling everyone to stay – then, as soon as everything became a disaster, the liberal media suddenly changed focus and started attempting to point the finger at Trump – almost like they were recreating the disastrous handling of Katrina, which all the liberals used as a rallying cry against Bush. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a conspiracy theorist, but if I didn’t know better, I’d say that liberal Turner may have intentionally ignored common-sense advice from the governor in order to try and set a Katrina-like media trap for Trump. I mean, who really knows? But this all sure looks like a funny coincidence to me and honestly, knowing the liberals, I would not put something like that past them.

    • I concur!!! Do these imbicilic not have flood maps, or understand that Texas is flat, the Gulf shelf off the coast is flat, water piles up, becomes like a mini sunami??? Ignorant people & traitorous bastards with a political agenda get people killed on a massive scale.

      Disgusting outcome that could have been minimized if people had evacuated.

  5. something was detonated in the sky as that shit made land fall. it made the storm about 10x bigger then it should have. can be linked to Democrat Officials knowing about it. watch the radar replay it was south of the storm and then it gained more traction more clouds started to appear and then boom you guys got socked.. just saying open your eyes. – this was weather modification on a whole new level.

      • I agree, Jerry … Robert needs an invaluable adjustment in his words, his attitude. his interpretation of weather forecasts and and in general his inability to mastering any sort of public outreach …

  6. I am sick of the lying, disgusting, Soros owned media. Just shut up. The people with a functioning brain believe not one word of your anti American garbage. You are not relevant. I live in Texas in the affected area. We have received 30 inches of rain. People have lost everything. We have more important things to do than listen to the media spew their hate. It’s too late to cry about whether the people of Houston should have evacuated. Now everyone has to try and get their lives going again. By the way our President is awesome and already had a disaster declaration signed before the floods hit us.

  7. Liberal democrats are absolute degenerate morons, they blame all their imbecillic mistakes, and cluelessness on all but themselves.Trump caused none of any of on top of this ready to do whatever it takes, yet degenerate morons want to now blame him for imbeciles that made bad decisions and didn’t tell their citizens to evacuate. Maybe they wanted more devastation so they could blame Trump, but either way they are frickin liberal Democrat morons.


  9. The pardon on joe had nothing to do with the storm. The left and the media will do everything they can to blame trump for the storm. I would bet they will say the storm hit Texas because trump won the election. Get real people. Trump did not wait to send help. He had help on the ground ready to go before the storm hit. I say props to Donald Trunp for acting as quick as he did to help save lives. A hurricane you have plenty time to pack and head north days before the storm hits land. I know I have lived through many of them. Even Betsy. People choose to stay. But Donald Trump sent the National Gaurd and the Red Cross before it hit. Stop blaming him for your short Commings.

    • I heard a Liberal on the local new say that Donald Trump “Personally” named “Hurricane Harvey”after Adolph Hitler’s Brother!!
      Liberals will say anything to make President Trump look bad!!

  10. Seems like the mayor should not have done nothing more than back up the governor! And the CNN should leave the dog bait of all false narrative of politics to report news and weather. When people depend on them. To actually see people in a home with elderly sitting in wheelchairs with water up to the waist..sad sad.shame on all who should know about weather hurricanes …sad. for people of Houston and flooded areas.

  11. God bless Trump and may God watch over the people and pets of Texas areas hit by Harvey.
    Please know many Canadians are praying for you … and Trump.

  12. Democrats and liberals in general are attracted to catastrophes and turmoil. It gives them more victims about which they can pretend to be concerned and to caste blame toward anything and anybody but themselves. The Mayor should be recalled. He caused a lot of grief and danger to be visited upon many residents of the Houston area…and he increased the need for rescue efforts.

    The Mayor is another Democrat DOPE!

    • Nobody claims Democrats have any common sense what-so-ever. In fact, someone posted to face book and I believe them if the Democrats were given control of the desert in a year there would be no sand !!

  13. During these times we, once again, see the ridiculous press at it again.

    During the height of the hurricane Fox had Harrigan out reporting on it. Before they cut to him he was standing where the wind wasn’t terribly bad. Then he gradually kept stepping backwards Until he reached a point where he could barely stand up. THIS is the feed that was aired. I consider this Fake news because the report made it seem he was literally putting his life in danger, when, in fact, if he would step ten steps forward the scene was entirely different.

    There is a scene that was quite touching. Someone noted the person is Paul Goodloe

    • The wind was real! How is that fake news. Obviously the wind would be different moving from sheltered to partly sheltered to unsheltered areas. You do not have to be a scientist to understand this. No different than moving from your house to the porch & then to the yard in a wind/rain storm. Obviously you are looking to blame a news outlet you do not agree with. I watched the news from a different state & I would have evacuated based on the predictions from day one. Personal choices; personal responsibility.

    • Greg, I saw that footage and I believe the reporter was in a protected area and left it to show how strong the wind was. If you are able to stand in those high winds, go for it. NOT Fake News.

  14. Eventually people will figure out that Democrats are contrarians. Come up with a good idea & they will invent the stupidest reason it’s wrong. Logic & common sense have left their building

    • This is not a partisan issue. The governor was right and the mayor was wrong. It’s not a party problem; it’s inexperience and ignorance on the part of the mayor.

        • One look at the mayor of Houston tells it all! A dysfunctional ultra liberal asshat! Ok now BLAME Trump for the hurricane! That retarded liberal Mayor should be recalled. He caused a lot of grief and danger to be visited upon many residents of the Houston area, UNNECESSARILY…and he increased the need for rescue efforts. What a DORK and dumbass!! BUT democreeps NEVER let a good crisis go to waste.

      • You would have to believe that a democratic mayor was still being informed by obama or Hillary Remember the advice they gave in Benghazi

  15. The media is showing footage of people getting out of the flood waters, saying many people are on the roofs of their homes, people sleeping in cars and trucks parked on the highways and overpasses because the off ramps and streets are flooded, weather people saying this storm will remain in place for up to 5 more days dumping up to 2 more feet of water, yeah it would have been a good idea to get out, oh by the way, Trump didn’t need Hurricane Harvey as an excuse to pardon sheriff Joe, he knows you pinhead politicians and media will trash him for whatever he does!!!!!!!

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