Gov Cuomo of the Tax-Me State Pardons Illegals Who Are Crime-Free for a While


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo issued pardons and commuted sentences on Wednesday to 18 immigrants in the country, in New York specifically, illegally, 39 people who committed non-violent crimes as teenagers, and two convicted felons.

The man who told conservatives in January 2014 to leave his state – including those pro-lifers and pro-rifle supporters – that man, Andrew Cuomo is giving out pardons to people here illegally who haven’t committed crimes in years or who were young when they committed crimes not so many years ago or who he just wanted to pardon because they’ve been good for a while.

“These New Yorkers have proved their rehabilitation, in some cases for decades, but have been unable to gain legal status or fully re-enter society due to the stigma of conviction,” Cuomo said in a statement announcing his actions. “While the federal government continues to target immigrants and threatens to tear families apart with deportation, these actions take a critical step toward a more just, more fair and more compassionate New York,” Times Union reports.

He also said he was rewarding “their rehabilitative efforts” and removing “barriers that affect their immigration status”.

In other words, these are your new citizens.

He said they’ve given back in a number of ways. For example, one illegal transgender from Mexico has helped run an HIV testing program for transgender “workers”.

Two other haven’t committed crimes since the 1990s and have jobs.

All those pardoned haven’t committed crimes for 10 years.

So, New Yorkers, the governor has taken it upon himself to determine a new immigration policy – if you’re illegal but haven’t committed a crime for 10 years, you will be put on the road to citizenship. If you were young and committed your crimes, you get a conditional pardon. It’s a real plus if you committed the crimes while on drugs because the governor finds that an acceptable excuse.

Cuomo pardoned others as well, including one man who tried to kill someone and another who did kill someone.

Cuomo also issued conditional pardons to 39 people convicted of crimes at age 16 or 17, including misdemeanors and non-violent offenses.

Overall, Cuomo granted clemency to 61 convicted criminals and pardoned a total of 39 people for misdemeanor and nonviolent offenses.

Remember when Cuomo told conservatives to leave New York?

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