Gov. Kasich Is the Leftist’s Darling After Thursday’s Debate


The left wing media has been cheering Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Megyn Kelly for the way they ran the debate Thursday evening. That should alarm everyone on the right. The media are not our friends. Governor Kasich has also become a new star for the left.


The debate  took on an antagonistic tone right from the beginning. The goal was probably to “take down Trump” but the main achievement of the moderators, who took up 33% of the time, was to make the debate into a fiery fight with Republicans on the defensive and Hillary only mentioned briefly.

The leftists preferred Governor Kasich over most other candidates. Governor Kasich, a former Fox News host and an admittedly nice man, supports Common Core, has funded the Medicaid expansion of Obamacare, backs incentives for illegal immigrants and has funded other Democratic initiatives.

Kasich said his stance on illegal immigration has “evolved.”

The country needs healing…I wouldn’t ever be one to tell you that I don’t change my mind or that my thinking doesn’t evolve… I’m also a different guy than I was years ago

Kasich said deportation is “inhumane.”

Kasich received an “F” rating from the NRA after voting for Bill Clinton’s 1994 Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). Kasich claims to be for lower taxes, but as Governor, he proposed “fee increases” on bank service, overnight trailer parks, bowling alleys, billiard parlors, hunting and fishing guides, racing events, and admission to museums, amusement parks, circuses, fairs, concerts, and sporting events.

During the debate Kasich gave an answer about gay marriage that leftists loved.

Our court has ruled and I said we’ll accept it,” Kasich said in response to a question from moderator Megyn Kelly about what he would do if his child were homosexual. “And guess what? I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who is gay.”

“Just because they don’t think the same way doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love them,” he added. “That’s what we’re taught when we have strong faith.”

The crowd cheered Kasich’s response.

The negative effect this had is that it gave the left-wing media an opportunity to say he is one of the few Republicans who has compassion for people who want the freedom to marry. The left is presenting it as gays deserve love and respect but Republicans want to deprive them of that. The debate was never about denying gays love, respect and equal rights but this gives the left a chance to pretend it was.

The answer that was also extremely popular among the left-wing media was the one addressing the Medicaid expansion. That expansion gave states a temporary infusion of cash and some states that grabbed it wanted the money. Kasich wanted the money and was getting pressured to take it. It’s now causing possibly unsustainable debt in the states. It also props up Obamacare.

Time Magazine said Kasich believes “it empties prison in a good way.” They suggested that he shouldn’t be criticized for being kind.

Again this put Republicans on the defensive.

Kasich’s state is in serious debt but he didn’t mention how he’s going to deal with that.



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