Gov. Newsom skips funeral for officer murdered by people here illegally


The same day a federal grand jury indicted two illegal immigrants accused of murdering Deputy Brian Ishmael, El Dorado Sheriff John D’Agostini blasted the drug and sanctuary policies of California. He didn’t spare Gov. Gavin Newsom who didn’t even bother to go to the funeral. Newsom sent representatives with a letter. Newsom instead went to a meeting with the energy company.

Officer Ishmael

Fortunately, Frank Siller, who runs Tunnel for Towers, does care and will pay off the Ishmael family’s mortgage. Officer Ishmael had a wife and three children.


Ishmael was buried Tuesday, about two weeks after he responded to an alleged robbery. He was shot by an illegal alien above his protective vest and died within minutes.

The trouble began over an argument. The police were called over a fight among several men, at least two of whom are illegal aliens from Mexico. One claimed he wasn’t being paid and called the police.

When officer Ishmael arrived on the scene, one of the men allegedly opened fire.

Newsom didn’t care enough to attend the funeral.

“[Newsom] had an important meeting with PG&E,” D’Agostini said Thursday, according to The Sacramento Bee. “One morning out of his busy schedule to respect my deputy and his family I don’t think is too much to ask.”


At the same presser, U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott railed against laws in the state meant to frustrate federal immigration officials.

“We shouldn’t have to go through these hurdles to try to figure out who two guys are from Mexico who just killed a deputy sheriff,” Scott said, according to the Bee.

D’Agostini implored those reporting on the case to throw political correctness to the wind and clearly relay the facts – and failures — that led to Ishmael’s death.

An Illegal Marijuana Grow

“Please call this what this is,” D’Agostini said. “Don’t soften it. This tragedy was due to an illegal alien tending an illegal marijuana grow who murdered a deputy. That’s what it is.”

Christopher Ross and Juan Carlos Vasquez Orozco have been charged with murder in Ishmael’s death, in addition to various other charges related to the marijuana growth.

Ramiro Bravo Morales, another Mexican citizen, was allegedly at the site of the deadly shootout and faces a lesser charge in connection with Ishmael’s death. Jorge Lamas, an American citizen who investigators say also played a role in the drug scheme, is facing weapons charges and counts related to conspiracy and manufacturing marijuana, the Bee reported.

Listen to Sheriff Vern Warnke discuss the sanctuary laws.



  1. If anyone wonders where Cali went down hill just look at the coast. Same problem in the east. can we cut both loose and keep the gulf for OUR commerce? might not be a bad idea.

    • You said it, he is a coward and wouldn’t want to face what he condones….Illegal Aliens that turned California into a Sanctuary Mess-thanks to Gavin, Pelosi’s nephew!

      • BTW: You can All help us here in Ca. by looking up the Petition to REMOVE GAVIN and sign it. All of us are NOT nutcases or Corrupt Democrats. Thank You ……

  2. When I was a little man, 8-10 yrs old, I wanted to go to California and see the redwoods and charlie’s angels. I am now an old man and you have ruined the redwoods and Charlie’s Angels. In fact, you have made your state so undesirable that I really don’t care if it burns up or falls into the sea. Just don’t waste my tax dollars on your mess.

  3. The Governor should not attend any first responder’s funeral, His pro illegal, anti forest management, anti law enforcement policies are what kills them because he holds them in contempt, as less important than his goals. California deserves this garbage governor because they elected him. If he shows up, turn your backs.

  4. We are held “Hostage by Corrupt Democrats, who tax us without representing OUR people-Patriots, as my hubby who is a two time “Bronze Star recipient” who fought for this Republic. As seniors, we worked, paid taxes and bought homes, that we cannot pick up and just start over.
    Nor, should we have to do so.

    Please don’t lump ALL residents in Ca. in one pot, we are NOT Corrupt Democrats that turned us into
    “San FranFeces and Lost Angeles with their stupidity and lust for power, as we STILL try to vote themOUT!

    • BTW: Loony Gov. Newsom is Nutty Pelosi’s nephew, and we are ALL signing a petition to have him REMOVED from Office. Hope you will sign also!

  5. And another one of Nasty Pelosi’s illegal alien invader “dreamers” that a wall might have stopped, does his dirty work. More blood on Pelosi’s hands.

  6. We need new leadership both in California and in Congress. Extreme Liberal leaders don’t care about American citizen’s rights, just illegal votes!

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