Single Payer Government Healthcare Where 40,000 Jr. Doctors Walk Out of ERs



Hillary Clinton wants a Single Payer healthcare system as does Bernie Sanders. Keep that in mind as you read this.

The British government and the British Medical Association (BMA) have been negotiating a new junior doctor contract for over 3 years. The junior doctors working ERs and critical care units went out on strike over it — 40,000 to 45,000 of them.

When you have a big government healthcare system with no competition and an endless taxpayer pocket to draw from, you get doctors going out on strike and abandoning patients — illegally.

The junior doctors have been told they will not be held responsible for any lives lost by their union bosses.

They are government employees with the the usual thug union.

A letter from the British Medical Association (the trade union) to all junior doctors, published on the BMA website, assures them that patient safety is the responsibility of hospitals and NHS trusts, not individual doctors.

However, this was written counter to UK law. The strikers are essential workers and are banned from striking.

So much for that Hippocratic Oath.

Junior doctors are qualified doctors who have not completed their training, in America they are called residents.

The strike, in its second day, removed all emergency care and urgent care. However, one junior doctor posting on reddit said that the ER is fully staffed.

That’s hard to believe since 78% of the junior doctors didn’t show up for work yesterday. It’s putting enormous pressure on the people left to care for the sick and dying.

The junior doctors say they have legitimate gripes. The government wants to remove safeguards which protect the patients from tired doctors. They are also losing 15% or 20% of their pay as a result of the contract.

One junior doctor said the government freely acknowledged that the contract is discriminatory against women, people with disabilities and anyone who works less than full time (such as for research or for childcare).

Abandoning their patients in ERs and urgent care situations probably discriminates also.

The strike has been fully politicized. Communist UK MP Jeremy Corbin joined them on the picket line but they do not have the support of the government or the public as they leave their critically ill patients behind.

This is similar to our Verizon workers strike but all we lose with that are phone calls.