Government Intervention Needed – Americans Eating Too Much


Oops, people in the United States are getting fatter even though the government has made it part of their agenda. Now that we are a nanny state, we best close all the McDonald’s, Wendy’s, pizza parlors and all that. In fact, let’s close all the restaurants since they put salt on the food. Actually, it’s probably not necessary since we won’t be able to afford much when our government gets done spending our money.

“…Despite the bombardment of news about the dangers of obesity and the billions of dollars poured into healthy choice programs, America is getting fatter.

A new report from Trust for America’s Health, a nonpartisan advocacy group, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, found that not one state has reported a decrease in obesity. In fact, adult obesity rates have increased in 16 states in the past year.

‘Obesity is one of the most challenging health crises this country has ever faced,” said Jeff Levi, executive director of Trust for America’s Health. “Twenty years ago, no state had an obesity rate higher than 15 percent. Now, only Colorado is below 20 percent.'” Read here: Americans are fat and getting fatter


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