Government Snitch Law Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor In Commifornia


Should the government be asking people to snitch on their neighbors, even if it concerns an important ordinance? Don’t we hire government employees to oversee violators of ordinances?

Glendale, CA

CBS Murrieta had a poll asking people if they would turn their neighbor in for wasting water and, as of 10 a.m. EST, 47% said “absolutely”, 28% said “no, it’s not my business”, and 24% said “no, I’m not a rat.”

Sacramento has a “turn-in-your-neighbor” policy whereby every crackpot is encouraged to call the authorities at the water district to complain about a neighbor using too much water. There is a drought in California and there are water-wasters violating the law, however, this policy is pitting neighbor against neighbor and leaves open the possibility that disgruntled neighbors can use it as a means to annoy a neighbor they don’t like.

The fine is $500 so it’s not a small matter.

The policy allows callers to remain anonymous. Anyone can call and report anyone at any time.

What happened to love they neighbor?

Some refer to it as the snitch line.

If government employees are being paid to scout areas for water-wasters, why add this policy? Government employees have to man the phones and check each complaint – it’s a time-waster in many cases no doubt.

It’s typical divisive, totalitarian practice.

The government is putting eyes and ears everywhere and there is always a good excuse. We’ve lost our way.

Should the government be in the business of encouraging people to spy on their neighbors and then rat them out to authorities? What do you think?




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