Government Steals Basketball Hoops, Lies To Do It And Threatens Arrest


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One anonymous complaint brought down the entire block of 60 year old basketball hoops. The police officer lied to the homeowner who caught them in the act, advising the home owner that he could keep the hoop once it was down. Once down, they took it away.

We are surrounded by little bureaucrats who are like drug addicts as they pursue their petty mission, arresting people for the simplest activities and keeping the streets safe from things like basketball hoops. Take Bloomberg’s anti-smoking law in public places or the proposed law to allow pregnant women to park anywhere, even in fire zones.In California, the politicians are considering adding a 1 cent tax on every teaspoon of added sugar or caloric sweetener in commercial beverages sold. Their trumped up cause is to fund childhood obesity. I guess we can add more IRS agents to track down the offenders and throw them in jail – that should be easy and worthwhie. Then there’s the proposed 18% pizza tax to fund healthcare. In Cali, they just hired 70 inspectors to arrest people who burn wood on “clean air days.” With all the drug and violence going down in Cali, you’d think they wouldn’t have the time to dream up this nonsense used to jail ordinary citizens.

Would someone explain to me why the new healthcare bill requires everyone to pay for every single ailment for every single person – can’t people take care of their own hangnails? Is there no personal responsibility for one’s care any longer?

If you want to see more examples of nanny-ism, look at all the liberal states. And here’s my next question, why do “liberals” want to pass these nonsensical laws to limit freedom and arrest people for trifling matters? And why are they called “liberals”?

AP Article – Government Theft of Basketball Hoops

Several residents were sent letters last year warning them that the state’s “Clear Zone” law prohibits trees and other objects from being within seven feet of the pavement’s edge in a residential subdivision.

John and Melissa McCafferty said they’d gotten more than one warning letter, but that police cars and heavy machinery showed up without warning Friday morning to remove the hoops.

While their neighbors weren’t home, the McCaffertys decided to fight back.

Melissa, 39, parked her van underneath the goal, climbed the pole and perched herself behind the backboard, risking arrest. McCafferty said she could only think about how sad her 10-year-old daughter would be about the removal.

“To be honest with you, I really wasn’t thinking. All I was seeing was my 10-year-old’s face,” said McCafferty, who also has two teenagers who like to shoot hoops.

“They threatened to arrest me, and I told them that would be fine. I don’t mind going to jail for my kids,” she added.

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Here is the video of the hoop removal and the lying police officer –Nanny State


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