Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Being Placed With Criminals, Traffickers

Migrants are released from ICE custody at a Greyhound Bus station in Phoenix May 28, 2014. The Border Patrol says about 400 migrants were flown from Texas to Arizona because of surge in migrants being apprehended in Texas. This group was from Texas and Georgia. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Michael Chow)
Migrants are released from ICE custody at a Greyhound Bus station in Phoenix May 28, 2014.

So eager is the Obama administration to take in illegal immigrants, that his administration placed the unaccompanied children with criminals, sex traffickers, smugglers, and perverts. the government isn’t following the law and it’s turning out as one would expect.

These children will be exploited here in the U.S. and most will probably not be found.

The caretakers were not properly vetted. We can expect the government will vet the refugees just as well. Actually, for those who don’t know, refugees can come into the country while they are being vetted. In Sweden, 14,000 of their new refugees “disappeared.” No one knows where they are.

The administration has been silent on this and the media is not holding them to account.


The LA Times reported about the Ohio case that Greta mentions in the video.

Human traffickers lured half a dozen teenage Guatemalan boys to central Ohio with the promise of schooling, prosecutors say, then confined them to dilapidated trailers and forced them to work 12 hours a day at an egg farm, confiscating their paychecks and threatening to kill them if they sought help.

What is truly awful about this is the federal government had placed the teens with the traffickers, who had posed as relatives and family friends to take responsibility for the boys.

All evidence points to a SYSTEMIC problem.

The government won’t go through proper channels and they are placing them with improperly vetted caretakers who are monsters.

The people coming in need to come here legally. Unaccompanied children need to be detained until their cases are heard and any caretaker must be properly vetted.

Bill O’Reilly talked about the new Democrat immigration plan on his show.

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