Governor Brown Forces Landlords to Not Cooperate With ICE


Lawless Governor Jerry Brown has made California a sanctuary state and told law enforcement they can’t help ICE as they try to arrest and deport illegal aliens, including criminal aliens. His officials have threatened ICE and warned them to not show up in courts or schools. California judges have even warned criminal aliens that ICE is coming.

The governor has also barred landlords from following federal law and giving information to ICE.

ICE is following the law, Brown is not. Brown signed 10 laws to stop deportation of illegals and to stop the Trump agenda.

The excuse for doing this is to protect the fear-filled illegal aliens.

California passed two bills this week that clearly violate the law.

According to the Los Angeles Times, one proposal bars landlords from disclosing information about immigration status in order to intimidate, harass or evict tenants without following proper procedures. It also would allow immigrant tenants to file civil claims against their landlords if they do.

The other is a bill to ensure that no state office or entity in California could compel a landlord to obtain and disclose information on a tenant’s immigration status.

The rationale behind the latest package of bills protecting illegal aliens, according to the Sacramento Bee, is fear of enforcement by ICE under President Trump, and fear that unscrupulous landlords might use a tenant’s illegal status to harass, intimidate or abuse them.

One of the movers and shakers is the Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon who says half his family is here illegally. In other words, lawbreakers are now deciding the course of our politics and have more power than citizens, at least they do in California.


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    • I consider that to be the wrong approach, since Sessions is irredeemable, hoping for him to help is futile. He is suing sanctuaries for a few million dollars. It will take several years and will change no policies. It’s pretend. Sessions proved what he is when he schemed to set up Trump with a witch hunt democrat legal investigation. There was, and is, no basis for the recusal or investigation.

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