Governor Christie’s Presser on Revenge Lane Closures


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Governor Chris Christie

In the last two days, ABC, NBC, and CBS spent 17 times as much time covering Governor Christie’s recent Bridge Scandal than on the entire IRS scandal. To make matters worse, the DOJ has selected an Obama donor to investigate the IRS scandal.

Chris Christie gave an excellent speech today addressing the alleged scandal. He is now in Ft. Lee apologizing to Mayor Sokolich who told him not to come since it was too soon because the investigation has just begun. Governor Christie went anyway.

For those unfamiliar with the circumstances leading up to today’s speech, here is a quick rundown. In September, road crews closed three lanes on the George Washington Bridge for an alleged traffic study. Emails released yesterday exposed the closure as politically-motivated retaliation aimed at the Ft. Lee mayor, Mayor Sokolich, for not endorsing Governor Christie during his run for Governor.

Governor Christie gave a nearly-two hour press conference this morning saying that he did not know anything about the actions of his staff who were involved in the revenge closure which lasted four days.

He repeatedly apologized, said he is heart-sick about it, and was completely blindsided.

Christie said he doesn’t remember even asking Mayor Sokolich to endorse his candidacy and, last night on CNN, Mayor Sokolich said he doesn’t remember being asked for his endorsement.

Christie fired the Deputy Chief of Staff responsible for the closure, Bridget Ann Kelly, because she lied to him repeatedly. The evidence was so overwhelming that he didn’t ask her any questions, he said.

He also severed his relationship with his campaign manager who knew of the illicit activities.

Christie interviewed his top staff four weeks ago and they lied to him more than once.

David Wildstein, a top authority at the Port Authority, was also fired. He took the Fifth today and is charged with a misdemeanor.

The Feds are also involved and investigating.

There is the possibility of state and federal laws having been broken. The violation involved is the abuse of the powers of office for some gain.

Civil suits might follow. The Governor admitted the misbehavior of his top staff and these potential suits will most likely be settled.

Governor Christie was an Attorney General. As law enforcement, it seems unlikely he would engage in this activity. He took full responsibility and he took immediate action.

Democrats accused Governor Christie of setting a tone that led to this behavior, however, there are no patterns of this type of behavior and there is no evidence to back up these accusations at this time.

We will post excerpts from the speech later tonight.