Governor Cuomo’s Moonbat Plan to Control Texting and Driving



Governor Cuomo wearing his dunce cap

Governor Cuomo has a plan for dealing with drivers who text while driving. He is setting up ‘texting zones’ along the LIE, New York Thruway, and other major highways. Many of the stops are in rest areas. He is going to have signs put up – he spent a lot of taxpayer money to do this – and the signs will say ‘Text Stop, Parking Area, 1 mile’ and ‘It Can Wait, Text Stop, 5 miles.’

He is setting up 91 designated ‘text zones’ and and he’s installing 298 signs to remind all of us drones who can’t think of this on our own.

Does Cuomo honestly believe people are going to pull over and park in his designated zones when they didn’t before?

I wonder if there will be problems should people park and text in a non-text area?

We have serious financial problems in this state and he’s wasting our money on this moronic ‘program.’

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