Governor Martinez of New Mexico Has a Terrorist-Endorsed Opponent



New Mexico Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alan Webber, a leftist Democrat running against Gov. Susanna Martinez, has the distinction of being endorsed by a domestic terrorist – Mark Rudd.

Rudd was one of the leaders of the Weather Underground in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He’s the other Bill Ayers. The Weather Underground has claimed responsibility for over 25 bombings, including bombings at the U.S. Capitol, State Department, and Pentagon. The Underground advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. Rudd was once a fugitive wanted by the FBI.

Rudd - criminal

Webber embraced Rudd’s support and defended him.

Rudd’s wife held a Fundraiser in their home for Webber.

A Columbia administrator described Rudd as “totally unscrupulous and morally very dangerous . . . an adolescent having a temper tantrum.”

Rudd’s only real regret is that the violent tactics of the Weathermen didn’t end the war. But, he added, neither did peaceful protest — so who can say who was right and who was wrong?

“Help elect a pro-jobs, pro-environment progressive Democrat as governor,” Rudd wrote, according to KRQE. KRQE falsely reported that Rudd renounced his violent past.

Rudd was and is an avowed Communist.

The Soros rag, Daily Kos, can’t say enough good things about Webber.

Webber claims to be committed to New Mexico but he raises money in the socialist city of New York. I’m sure there are many like-minded people in New York City with money. He’s self-financing some of his campaign but last October complained about candidates who self-finance.

In 2008, Webber expressed sympathy and support for  Neil Goldschmidt, the former mayor of Portland, Ore., who had a sexual relationship with a 13-year old girl until she was 30. Goldschmidt’s victim died at age 49. She suffered from mental illness and drug abuse.

Webber was Goldschmidt’s speechwriter and policy adviser.


Goldschmidt, child abuser

Webber attacks people who criticize his support for the pervert Goldschmidt. He says they are engaging in a “smear campaign” against him.


Goldschmidt’s victim, Elizabeth Dunham

Webber took back his support of Goldschmidt – Webber likes to back pedal. He back-pedaled on his remarks against Governors Perry and Christie also. He said Perry talks like a “hillbilly” and Christie could “blot out the sun”.

Back in the 1970’s he wanted the people in the city of Portland, Oregon where he lived at the time, to give up owning and buying cars. He suggested “increasing as tax and vehicle license fees.”  If one looks at his website and his green energy ideas, one might say he holds the same beliefs to this day.

Webber claims his learning disabled son would be dead or on drugs if he went through the New Mexico school system, ignoring the fact that they are dealing with large numbers of poor, illegal immigrant children in their schools. He back-pedaled on that also.

He said, quoting communist Nelson Mandela: “All we really need to do when it comes to New Mexico’s children is to consider the words of Nelson Mandela, who said, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

His entire website is an Obama-like, Big Government, ideology-driven list of dreamy-eyed socialist ideas.

More information at the Free Beacon


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