Governor O’Malley Is Raising Taxes on the Rich Who Make $100,000


At the office, at a social event, talking with friends, someone always says to me, “We SHOULD raise taxes on the millionaires and billionaires to solve our debt! They can afford it!

Now, you have the perfect response. Think of my new “hero,” Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland.

In 2007, in order to raise funds to offset a financial budgetary deficit, Governor O’Malley raised the state income tax to 9.75% on millionaires.

Now comes your response to those skeptics –

The number of millionaires living in Maryland is now 23% less!

There are 135,000 Marylanders living in Florida! (NO State INCOME TAX in Florida) their response.

Governor O’Malley’s tax increase was supposed to raise 330 million dollars.

As most elected officials do, he spent accordingly. HE ACTUALLY ONLY RAISED 120 million dollars. But the best is yet to come. Governor O’Malley has NOW proposed a 35.9 billion dollar budget with (get this!) a 1.1 billion dollar DEFICIT!

Please sit down! Tell those co-workers that this also includes a $16 billion dollar unfunded liability in public employee pensions!

Now, what does our great public official do? You guessed it!


He is raising taxes on all Marylanders who (get this!) MAKE MORE THAN $100,000 DOLLARS!

He is RAISING TAXES on everything! (gasoline, tobacco, nursing homes, internet sales, even water and sewers!)

What a guy!
 Can’t wait to move to Maryland!! 
Can’t make this “stuff” up!”

How are you going to vote in November?


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