Gowdy at DoJ Hearing: We’ve Seen the Bias, Let’s See the Evidence


Up until the noon break, Thursday’s House hearing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray was mostly a rerun of the prior hearing with some additional bullet points. The Republicans tried to get answers but they got denials or no answers. Democrats were clearly on the side of the DoJ/FBI elite.


Rod Rosenstein smirked as Rep. Nadler pilloried Republicans over the impeachment threats they’ve made against Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein appears arrogant and will continue to not turn over evidence. Rosenstein has stated publicly that he does not believe Congress has the right of oversight and he will only hand over only that information he deigns to hand over.


Trey Gowdy indicated we have seen the bias, let’s see the evidence. He told the DoJ/FBI officials to wind up this probe, it’s tearing the country apart.

Jim Jordan said he caught them hiding information

Matt Gaetz asked if there was an investigation of the Trump campaign prior to July 2015 and the question was not answered.


Ron De Santis asked if the Obama administration was pushing for a probe of Carter Page – the question went unanswered.

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee asked Rosenstein if anyone has been cleared of any charges in the Russian interference and Trump-Russia probe. Rosenstein said all charges are still being considered.

Rod Rosenstein said he did not threaten House staff members. He claims he will give the committees documents the DoJ feels are relevant.

Rep. Swalwell was giving the thumbs up during the Rosenstein testimony.

Democrat representatives joined the two DoJ officials in trashing Republicans. Republicans stuck to their viewpoints. It was a very partisan hearing. The Democrats staunchly defended the DoJ/FBI elites.

Rosenstein and Wray insisted again that no bias was found in the Clinton and Russia probes as per the IG’s report. Several agents, they admitted, are being looked at for acting inappropriately and making errors.

Veteran FBI agents have said that agents on the job were ready to revolt over the handling of the Clinton investigation. That probe was clearly corrupt. The DoJ/FBI clearly doesn’t agree or they’re lying.

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