Gowdy’s a Waste of Time, Says DoJ Meeting Was Productive, Nothing Happened


Rep. Trey Gowdy talks a good talk. It’s very enjoyable watching him question the targets of his probes, but, unfortunately, he never accomplishes anything of substance. We saw that with Benghazi. Between Gowdy and the OIG Inspector General — Michael Horowitz — no one was guilty of much in that tragic event.

Gowdy is currently allowing the DoJ to slow-walk the release of documents. We all know that the Democrats feel they will win the House in November which means the end of the investigation into the FISA abuses, corruption at the DoJ/FBI, and spying on the Trump campaign.

We all know it and Trey Gowdy knows it.

The congressman from South Carolina went with Rep. Ratcliffe to a meeting last week ostensibly to view the documents the DoJ/FBI has been hiding. The documents include the name of an alleged spy within or close to the Trump campaign.

Trey Gowdy came back with nothing but did say it was a “productive” meeting.

“It was a really constructive, I know that is not good news from the media standpoint, that we had a boring, constructive meeting yesterday, but that’s exactly what it was. And it was so constructive that we’ve agreed to meet next week.”

Forgive my language, but what a BS artist. He went to that meeting to secure documents and didn’t.

“You asked if I saw something. I can learn with my ears and I can learn with my eyes,” Gowdy told the interviewer Jason Chaffetz.

What does that mean? Does it mean he can sit there and swallow the tales spun by the DoJ/FBI without swallowing them?

He’s useless. In fact, he’s making it worse. He knows full well they’re being slow-walked.

The House Intelligence Committee has every right to those documents and he should be demanding them, not kissing up.

His friend Jason Chaffetz didn’t swallow it and said the, “southern gentleman in Trey Gowdy is coming out.”

Not really, the establishment Gowdy is coming out as he provides assistance to the enemy.

Devin Nunes is the real hero, along with a few others, but he’s being hung out to dry.

Gowdy said upon announcing his retirement that being in Congress was largely a waste of time, as it was bogged down by “ineffectiveness.” That’s because of people like him.

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5 years ago

Gowdy has been a loudmouth act the entire time. He has many fans who are fooled by his attention getting remarks. It’s a deception intended to distract the listener from his inconsistencies and inaction. He is a clear impediment to the actual investigations. He supports Mueller wholeheartedly. He offers an occasional criticism of Trump, said Trump was acting guilty by not speaking with Mueller. This indicates he is an ally of Mueller, and supports entrapping Trump. He blames Congress for the DOJ not wanting to turn over info, due to leaks. Again, he is dead wrong. Most leaks come from the DOJ, Sessions promised to catch leakers, and has not caught any. The corrupt DOJ leaks for a self serving purpose.

Gowdy is so irresponsible as the chair of the oversight committee that the normally quiet Issa went on TV and suggested lawsuits to force the DOJ to turn over info. He said the DOJ is lying. I cannot recall a single legal action Gowdy has ever advocated in this set of scandals. And, he has not accused the DOJ of lying.

5 years ago

I really don’t understand the apathy of so many Republicans. There certainly seems to be enough public information from HPSCI and Grassley that should warrant more than serious concern. Instead it should spark “Outrage” by any and all Republicans, even those who are anti-Trump. The evidence keeps compounding that the previous Administration engaged in spying or clandestine activity against a Presidential Campaign. Shouldn’t THIS fact alone be the subject of Congressional hearings with inevitable “criminal charges”. There is an unbelievable “cavalier” attitude among all levels of Government that really should “worry” the whole of Americans. This is dangerous indeed. It is how Tyrannical Dictators have their beginnings.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
5 years ago

“Say it ain’t so, Joe!!” is what the little kids said to “Shoeless” Joe Jackson when they found out he had thrown the World Series for payoff money.
So Trey, we now know who and what you are and why you are not staying in Congress.
Bullshit, Mr. Gowdy.Pure unadulterated Bullshit!!!
The sooner we take control of this out of control deep state the better chance we have to rescue this country from becoming just a part of the Globalist empire.