Graham says defending yourself against ‘CRAZY’ dems is not a coverup


Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Fox & Friends Friday that “not one Democrat will give a damn” about the Trump 2016 documents that could be declassified.

Sadly, he’s probably right.

“You’re gonna find out the mentality of the people investigating the president. You’re gonna find out exactly what they did, you’re gonna find out [George] Papadopoulos was not working with the Russians. They knew early on he had no contacts with the Russians,” Graham said.

“The bottom line is there’s gonna be a lot of information about, they were warned about still this is a bad guy you can’t trust him. They blew through every stop sign.”

“I’m gonna look at all of it to make sure it never happens again,” the senator said. “I want to make sure we have FISA laws that can detect when somebody is giving the court a bunch of garbage.

“I wanna make sure we have rules that you just can’t open up a counterintelligence investigation on a presidential candidate without having a good reason.”

Graham added that that FISA court is important “because the people are out to get us,” but “if you can take the law into your own hands for political purposes, it is not good for democracy [Republic].”

We disagree. The best thing he could do is move to abolish the rubber stamp secret FISA court. Graham has the right intentions though. It’s not constitutional. I hate to say it but I don’t trust these judges or our agencies much more than I trust our enemies.


The next statement is what we completely agree with. Democrats are acting crazy because they are letting the far-left run the party into the ground. They are also a mob of fascists.

Graham battered Democrats as “crazy people” who would never be satisfied until they destroyed Trump’s life.

“What did Donald Trump cover-up regarding Mueller? Nothing,” he said emphatically, answering his own question. “Now, if he’s fighting back against a bunch of crazy people trying to destroy his life, that is not covering anything up.”

He accused the House Judiciary Committee of wanting “to go through everything and do it all over again to get a different outcome.”

“If I’m helping the president it is good for the country because I think I got something to offer to him,” Graham said.

About the President, he added, “He is doing a really good job. If you want a strong military you got one. If you want a humming economy you got one. If you want to take on the enemy differently than Obama did – that’s exactly what we are doing.”

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