Graham, “We all know AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists”


Senator Lindsey Graham addressed the tweets the President sent out Sunday that gave the dishonest media and politicians fodder, some of it accurate and much of it false news.


The senator would like President Trump to knock it down a notch but says he is a good Commander-in-Chief. Particularly worthy of not is he said, “Look, we all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists. They hate Israel, they hate our own country, they are calling the guards along our border, the border patrol agents, concentration camp guards. They accuse people who support Israel of doing it for the Benjamins. They are anti-Semitic, anti-America…”

The longtime South Carolina senator said American citizens who were duly elected are “running on an agenda that is disgusting.” They talk about the Israel State as if they were “a bunch of thugs,” not victims of the entire region.

Graham feels the President should “aim higher.” The communists are American citizens. Hit them on their policies.

He spoke to the President a while ago and told him to not “take the bait.” Their policies will ruin this country. Address their policies because they are “on the wrong side of the future.”

It was really good to hear someone in power call them what they are — COMMUNISTS!

New York is following in California’s footsteps and going communist. It won’t work out well with one party rule by totalitarians.



  1. Legal or not, I would like to see a law passed to revoke the citizenship of every communist like AOC and their removal from this country. An intern step would be to bring back the House of Un-American activities.

  2. Today, honest people are being called fascists and Nazis by the communists who use fascist and Nazi tactics to attack. What happened to civility? That’s fascist. What happened to free speech? That’s hateful. What happened to honest debate? You’re obviously racist so your opinion doesn’t count, is hateful and will not be allowed. What happened to morality? That’s judgmental. What happened to paying your own way? That’s not fair. What happened to the UNITED States? We’re diverse now. Unity is divided, diversity is celebrated. That’s the current state of the late, great, United States of America.

  3. As of right now MSNBC/CNN are running with their BS Trump Racist tweet, either station has not even mentioned what Graham said about these 4 fruitloop clowns, I hope he is invited on their stations so he can roast their stupid a$$!!!!!!

  4. Graham must be really afraid of losing next November. That’s why he is talking conservative. He almost ruined America twice with his amnesty bills. He called us bigots for opposing it. I’d like to know exactly what Graham is willing to do for this nation, what legislative action he supports. When Graham gets in front of a camera he is serving himself. The networks allow this loudmouth to portray a conservative and patriot on TV. That way they avoid inviting actual conservatives on. They know they can count on Graham to turn his back on Trump and the nation at key points, such as when he totally supported the Mueller operation.

  5. Trump has the uncanny ability with posts that inflame the opposition and causing them to go even further than anticipated. People think he goes too far but realize what has happened. It has forced to left to reveal WHO they really are, from the very beginning. In the past, pre-Trump, Democrats would appear to be moderate and garner support accordingly. It had its beginnings from the moment he walked that escalator revealing people’s true colors. It began with the Never Trump movement with the likes of Kristol It had culminated after the inauguration with unhinged hysteria, and it continues. The result was unseating a long term Democrat in favor of that unhinged hysteria. That hysteria will be on full display in the next election. The more Trump posts in this manner the more reckless they become. The previous election was a case in point of that recklessness.

  6. Now some of the left are freaking out with complaints that Republicans aren’t helping in the pile-on. Enter Lindsey Graham, which the President posted him remarks. It’s all showing how anti-American the left is, and has been for a long time.


    The Enemy Within, the three viruses of progressive values, actual meaning and outcome.

    • Diversity Virus- Too many in this republic believe in Western Judeo-Christian values and those values must be thinned out and the republic destroyed by importing chaos from abroad and building a tower of babel till it collapses.

    • Equality Virus – Third worlders and their cultures are equal to yours, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.
    (meaning and outcome)
    Destroy the public and private Institutions that hold the republic together by infiltrating and injecting destructive anti western viruses into the system disguised and sold as “Equality” so the sheeple will buy it.

    • Fairness Virus – Spread the misery, it’s only fair that your hard earned prosperity does not belong to you and must be taken away and given to those who have not earned it and can be bought, those who believe in progressive values (gangsterism) so that they can continue the warefare against you sheeple using your resources.

    Progressive Gameplan And Tactics

    Break down the republic and the bonds that hold it together by;
    • Erode freedom and liberty
    • Ban individuals from speaking (Google, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Ban and/or change history
    • Ignore laws where it suits the need
    • Open the borders to invaders which simultaneously increases the electorial votes by increasing the numbers of non-citizen Invaders in the census count which increase the number of Representatives in the House and the larger goal of chaos and division.
    • Give Invaders voting rights
    and a lot more)
    • Defame all Patriots
    • Haress and chase citizens out of public places
    • Beat up all citizens that disagree with progressivism

    Create group-think, label individuals and divide
    If you’re not a progressive;
    You are anti (fill in the blank)
    • You are a racist
    • You are a hater
    • You are a homophobe
    • You are a white supremist
    • You are a sexist

    Progressive Outcome
    • Power for the few through gangsterism
    • Control of thought
    • Control of speech
    • Destruction of the middle class, only the very rich and the poor which to control
    • Authorian dictatorship
    • Death camps

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