Grammy Awards Producer Tells Musicians to Get Political, Insult Half the Nation


Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich has a message for those who take the stage on Sunday’s ceremony: Insult half the country!

Ehrlich wants the Grammy’s musicians to join all the other obnoxious celebrities and companies trying to overthrow the President of the United States, by denigrating him and everyone who supports him.

Ehrlich wants anti-President Trump messages to fly, during the awards. There can be no cursing, however, cursing could get them in trouble with CBS.

Trump is their punching bag as are his supporters. It’s also an insult to those who actually want civility and hope to give Trump a chance.

“One of the tenets of our show is artistic freedom, and over the years we’ve shown we do believe in it,” Ehrlich told Variety. “How many more times do we need to hear ‘I’d like to thank my publicist, my agent, my wife and kids.’ The great acceptance speeches are ones that have a point of view and are more personal.”

So, insult half the nation where they can’t respond? How civil and tolerant!

“One of the things I’ve learned from working with artists for 40 years is that they are deep-thinking, vital individuals who have interests that cover a broad cover a broad spectrum of subjects and passions,” he said. “We should certainly allow for it on the broadcast.”

“Deep-thinking” and “vital”?

Perhaps he means this deep-thinker:

Or how about the unhinged Ashley Judd?

Let’s not forget MADonna who wants to burn the White House down.

There is that deep-thinker Meryl Streep who took to a stage last month to tear Donald Trump apart before millions. Last night, she whined because Trump and his followers responded. He apparently wasn’t allowed to hit back. At a national LGBT dinner, she suggested Trump’s followers are armies of brown shirts.

“Yes, I am the most overrated, over-decorated and currently, I am the most over-berated actress … of my generation,” Streep said emotionally.

“It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead,” she said holding back tears. “And it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brown shirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is if you feel you have to. You have to! You don’t have an option. You have to.”

She thinks she’s courageous ripping Trump apart but then cries when half the nation doesn’t appreciate it. The bots she referred to are real people. Using fake accounts is a left-wing tactic, not right-wing.

How much deep thinking is involved in playing off the Hitler analogy yet again?

“This is a real team,” Ehrlich said. “We all work on a lot of shows, but I’d like to think when we come together every year for this one, it’s really special.”

It’s “really special” to call half the country “brown shirts”. We will just have to wait breathlessly for the next batch of public bashing at the Grammy’s. They have a big megaphone but don’t you dare criticize them on Twitter because they’ll cry!

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