Grandma Hillary’s Not Looking Well But Her Teeny Little Audiences Could Be the Reason


Hillary is leading in the polls but bombing at rallies with teeny little crowds. She could be the most unpopular person to ever win the presidency should that happen.

Exhausted Hillary slipped as she got off the podium today but Uncle Joe was nearby. Hillary did say in a speech that he’s always there to catch people when they fall but she must have meant it literally.

Trump peeps

There were less than 200 people at the rally and some were Trump protesters.

She’s taking weekends off because she’s just too exhausted. she doesn’t look well.

And she drew a teeny little crowd in Scranton.


Hillary’s Scranton rally was short on people but her campaign aides were doing their best to pump them up as much as possible.

Joe Biden was there to hold on to Grandma when he greeted her at the airport — really hold on.

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via reddit


  1. If Hillary Clinton is elected in November, she will be the biggest farce played on the American people. That being said, it is obvious that this woman is not up to the task but she’s being drugged up enough to keep her mind clear long enough to read what’s on the teleprompter. Clinton need only stand long enough and stay conscious long enough to read what was written for her.

    Physically Clinton’s not up to the task on so many levels, her health being one. Greed, power and George Soros her motivators are fast failing her. Sounds cruel I know but hopefully before November.

  2. “Hillary leading in the polls – but bombing at the rallies”…. the truth she is bombing at both the polls and her rallies!

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