GRAPHIC: Slo-Mo Video Shows LaVoy Finicum Being Fired at the Second He Leaves His Truck



There is an update to this story and the FBI’s role in covering up shooting at LaVoy Finicum the second he stepped out of his truck. The Finicum family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the government.

It appears the FBI might have shot at Mr. Finicum and covered up the fact.

While copper casings weren’t recovered at the scene, FBI surveillance video reportedly shows agents searching the area after the shooting with flashlights; one of those agents is then seemingly seen bending over and picking something up twice near the area where the shots were believed to be fired, adding more fuel to the suggestions that they covered it up.

Cell phone video captured from inside Finicum’s vehicle includes what sounds like shots being fired, as individuals in the car yell, “They’re shooting.”

The videos of the incident from inside the cabin are included on this post and the one linked below.


I am very supportive of law enforcement but in this case…

While you may or may not be a supporter of taking over buildings to get attention to your cause, you will be shocked by what you see in this video of the killing of one of the Oregon protesters. Whether you agree with the methods or not, many believe their cause is just. You can read more here.

The Oregon protest at the Malheur Refuge ended for the most part when the FBI chased down the protesters as they left to go to a meeting. State police troopers killed protester LaVoy Finicum but the circumstances surrounding his death were not as they were told to us at first.

Investigators have announced that they believe an FBI agent fired twice at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, missed and then concealed the shots.

We now know that LaVoy Finicum stepped out of his truck at the same moment a bullet pierced the roof of his truck and then the truck window through which LaVoy is seen. Two shots were fired.

The following video is from Shawna Cox’s cell phone, enlarged and in slow motion.

The investigators are looking into whether several FBI agents lied about firing two shots at LaVoy which was the impetus for what was to follow.

The computer-generated trajectory of the bullets that hit the truck as LaVoy stepped out pointed back to two FBI agents. At least twice during interviews, the agents said they never took a shot.

The agent who is believed to have possibly fired the shots is part of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team as are four others being investigated for covering it up.

Investigators insist that two state police troopers who shot and killed Finicum had acted properly and within Oregon’s deadly force law. Mr. Finicum was shot three times after reaching a third time for a loaded gun in his pocket, investigators said.

This, however, was a very aggressive police/FBI action. If you watch the full video in the story linked below, you can judge how quickly LaVoy Finicum was killed after leaving the truck.

Whoever fired the shot was very aggressive and it cost a man his life. We should remember that it started with an impatient governor and an FBI or DoJ leadership that obviously gave the okay to shoot and kill these protesters.

Prior to that day, the FBI had been friendly to the protesters, though the protesters noticed a distancing in the days before the shooting. Prior to the killing, the FBI had let them move about freely. Suddenly, the FBI was trying to kill them?

This is the fair leftist justice we’ve heard so much about but which is not evenly distributed to some members of society.

The Inspector General’s Office at the U.S. Department of Justice has taken over the criminal investigation into the possible misconduct of the FBI agent who fired the shot and into concealment of the two shots by the four others. The findings are likely weeks, if not months, from being released.

The reason LaVoy Finicum reached for a gun, if he did indeed reach for a gun, was because he was being shot at. This explains why he yelled, “Go ahead and shoot me, shoot me.” It wasn’t because he was suicidal as some have suggested as a result of some stream of conscience statement he made about not wanting to spend time in a federal prison.

These protesters are just cowboys whose land and water rights are being stolen and they carry guns because it’s a Second Amendment right. We’ve all forgotten that.

You can view more of the graphic video in the story linked below.

Shoot to Kill: The Unnecessary Death of LaVoy Finicum, Video From Inside the Van

Source: Oregon Live


LaVoy’s daughter posted the following on YouTube.



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