Grassley Releases the Original Ms. Blasey Ford Letter


What’s with the altered type in the first line of the second paragraph? It looks like the type for Mark G. Judge’s name in the second line is also off. Did she know he was Mark G. when she was 15? It just seems odd.
Why is it addressed to Sen. Feinstein when she sent it to her local congresswoman?
She also didn’t sign it.



  1. Another question about Fords letter to Fienstein , “i have received medical treatment regarding the assault” Ford are you referring to the “group therapy” you and your husband attended in 2012? because medical treatment and group therapy are 2 different things, if it was medical treatment, why did you wait over 30 years????

  2. Why is the first sentence font from Ford’s accusation letter to Feinstein is LARGER and DIFFERENT from the rest?. Kavanaugh’s name first came up as a potential nominee in late June, July 9th Trump nominates him, July 6th Ford notified Anna Eshoo on how to proceed,,,,,,HHHMMMM, at the bottom of the letter she types in Christine Blasley …..Ford is left off, she says she ran out of the house and went home, (claims later she doesn’t know how she got home) but she made it home, her longtime friend Leland Ingham Keyser denied any recollection of attending a party with Brett Kavanaugh., I would think if Leland Ingham Keyser was at this party, and Ford ran out of the house without saying goodbye, she would have asked her “hey Christine why did you ditch the party the other night? geez you didn’t even tell anyone your going home…….This whole story STINKS bad!!!!

  3. Her congresswoman is Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-California, she was on MSNBC this sat or sun she said Ford came to her office and sat with her for over an hour telling her of the account, Rep. Anna Eshoo, later contacted Sen. Dianne Finkelstink who told her to have Ford put the account on paper and send it to her.

  4. Several things stand out; (1) she can’t remember the date but can quote Kavanaugh; (2) she claims to have received medical treatment as a result of the assault but has not produced medical records to prove it. If she received medical attention for an assault there would also be a police report; (3) she wrote the letter while vacationing in the mid-Atlantic so she was either in Washington DC or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise, either being very suspicious.

  5. I thought she sent the letter to her congressperson, who then sent it to Feinstein. If she addressed the letter to Feinstein, why didn’t she send it directly to her? Maybe someone else drafted it.

  6. Now we see the reason for the latest. Fienstein now demands Grassley postpone the upcoming hearing in light of all the “new” allegations.

    WHEN will these damn Republicans Wake Up. From now on for any accusation they should Demand conclusive proof, otherwise it will be considered as irrelevant. Chalk it up to scorned women.

    • The Senate has no business even hearing any of this. It is a local situation and these women need to go and make a complaint to the local police. The Senate hearings are not and can not be a trial. Until the local police investigate these allegations and it is adjudicated it should not be public at all.

    • That’s a rhetorical question, we know waking up is not possible for these people. To have let this get out of control from the minute the hearings started shows irresponsibility. Grassley lets them control the dialog. As he concedes repeatedly he alienates his base and allows the situation to fail. In a few days this nomination may fail. If I were Kavanaugh, regardless of how much I want the job, I would consider dropping out, privately telling the republicans to stop this right now or I quit.

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