Grassley Sends One Accuser’s Case for Criminal Investigation


The Senate investigated a 5th sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh this past week.

The male accuser wrote a letter to a senator with a tale about a female friend who was allegedly assaulted on a boat in Rhode Island in 1985 by “two heavily inebriated men she referred to at the time as Brett and Mark.”

The man later recanted and apologized.

His case has been referred for possible criminal charges.


Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley referred potential false statements made by the man for criminal investigation.

These frauds will keep coming out of the woodwork if they don’t start probes and let people know they really will be prosecuted for this type of fraud.

The man wrote a letter to Democrat Senator Whitehouse making the claim. Of course, Whitehouse didn’t bother to question him, he just referred it.

After NBC ran with the story, the man recanted.

In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Chris Wray, Chairman Chuck Grassley sought a criminal review of the actions by the named individual who provided Congress with the information, diverting Committee resources from an ongoing investigation, according to the Senate Judiciary website.

While he’s at it, he should refer Mrs. Ford for all the many lies she told.

In the meantime, the FBI is moving quickly and has contacted the second accuser.

The Washington Post said the FBI has begun contacting people as part of the “supplemental” probe, including a second woman who alleges that the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted her 35 years ago — Deborah Ramirez.



  1. The delay of the Senate vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation is to give the enemy the chance to suicide one or more of the accusers, or induce them to suicide, and blame Kavanaugh and his nomination, and thereby turn the Senate vote to no in an agony of guilt and remorse.

    The accusers need to be guarded carefully. The enemy has used their mental and emotional weaknesses to get them to adopt wild accusations. They probably believe them. Now the enemy plans to set them up for one or more fake suicides, or suicide by the victim’s own hand by psychological manipulation – “THEN they’ll be sorry” – which it will blame on Kavanaugh and his nomination, to prevent confirmation. This has been the enemy’s goal all along, not the representation of the accusers. The communists kill for political purposes. It’s their M.O.

    Whatever one might think of these accusers, we don’t want to find any of them hanging from a doorknob or jumping from a high place.

  2. another democrat idiot who fails to realize the results of his actions. local police should plaster his sentence and photo all over the internet. some thugs in prison will be waiting for him.

  3. This is nothing but more cover from Grassley. He knows there will be no investigation. Grassley has had plenty of chances to refer DOJ people for criminal investigation the past 2 years, but has not.

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