Great-grandma warns burglar! Come closer, “You’re a dead son of a b****”


Gwendolyn Agard

A 79-year-old great grandmother, Gwendolyn Agard, fended off a burglar with a .38 and a .45. After noon on Feb. 12, Agard called 911, and shot at the 20-year-old suspect twice – with her .38 and .45 revolvers. She was able to fend him off until deputies arrived to arrest him.

Basically, she captured him.

“I said, ‘motherf*****, if you come any further, you’re a dead son of a b****’,” she recalled.

“When you live alone a long time, you get good at identifying noises. That’s the first thing of safety,” she explained.

When she heard the first noise, she grabbed her .38 and later her .45.

Agard says the man was hitting the back door of her porch with a rubber mallet he retrieved from a neighbor’s barn. The glass shattered, and he came inside…with no clothes on.

“He didn’t have no pants on – he was naked!” Agard exclaimed.

Listen to the 911 call:

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