Great News! Clinton Author Says Hillary’s Definitely Going to Run Again!


Author Ed Klein joined Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV Tuesday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s future plans to run for president in 2020.

Ed Klein told Mr. Malzberg that Hillary’s former staffer is running the DNC war room. Tom Perez is Hillary’s guy. Hillary is not coming out publicly against Trump too much because she doesn’t want Trump’s DoJ to come after her for the emails and her pay-to-play foundation.

Malzberg asked Klein if he was saying Hillary Clinton was going to run for president again.

Ed Klein said, “I’m not only saying it, I’m absolutely sure of it because my sources tell me that she is energized, ready to go, she’s going to write a book for Simon and Shuster. Then she’s going on another listening tour. She’s planning a listening tour. She’s going to take Bill Clinton with her because she needs to draw huge crowds.”

He thinks Perez would be okay with this. He did say he didn’t think it would work because of her age.

Keith Ellison wasn’t elected because he is a Bernie Sanders guy and Sanders wants to transform the party.

The bad news is there are millions of Sanders operatives trying to transform the party by running for office in states throughout the country.

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