Great News! Few Will Get to See the SC Democratic Convention


Fox News, CNN, and C-SPAN are barred from any live coverage of the South Carolina Democratic Convention. They must think this will drive up MSNBC’s ratings. It won’t be good if they really want people to watch. The broader the coverage, the better. Fox News beat CNN and MSNBC combined in the ratings. Maybe they don’t want viewers. Their candidates are that bad!

It’s really good news because it means we will get something more interesting on Fox, CNN, and C-Span.

Hard-left Joy Reid and Al Sharpton will broadcast from inside the convention, and many 2020 candidates will speak to the MSNBC hosts following their on-stage remarks.

Ho Hum, it will be sleepy time. We can wait and watch the commentary after the live coverage.

The South Carolina State Party said that only MSNBC will be allowed to broadcast the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Convention. Any footage aired by other networks will not be live.

Live streaming on social media is also not allowed.

C-Span is unhappy.

“Never has what is an open event given exclusive rights to a single network,” C-SPAN Political Director Steve Scully told the Examiner.

C-SPAN “has never been denied live coverage of a state convention in the network’s 40 years.”

What’s more, C-SPAN pulled out of the convention and other weekend events that are sponsored by the party. That can’t make the statist Dems look good.

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