Great News from the Supremes About Gerrymandering


Reuters reported that the challenge to the way districts are drawn up has been thrown out. Redrawing all Republican districts to favor Democrats has been an Obama-Holder-Soros effort for the past three years. There is really good news on that front today.

Democrats said the districts were drawn illegally to dilute their voting power and sued in several swing states.


“The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday threw out a challenge to Republican-drawn electoral districts in Michigan that Democrats said were illegally configured to dilute their voting power, an action taken in the aftermath of major rulings by the justices in June prohibiting federal courts from hearing such claims.

A three-judge panel had ordered the districts redrawn, but the Supremes rejected it.

“The Supreme Court’s action voided an order in April by a three-judge panel to rework 34 districts in the state legislature and U.S. House of Representatives whose boundaries were crafted purely to advantage Republicans, a practice known as partisan gerrymandering.

“The justices had put the panel’s decision on hold before they issued their rulings in the two major gerrymandering cases from Maryland and North Carolina. In a blow to election reformers, the justices found that federal courts have no role to play in reining in electoral map manipulation by politicians aimed at entrenching one party in power.”

How are these people election reformers when the Constitution declares that states do the redistricting, not judges?

Nine U.S. House and 25 state legislative districts were at issue in Michigan.

Gerrymandering is a partisan practice and both parties do it. The representation usually turns over with the census every ten years. It is a practice that allows stability.

This was decided in 1789.

It should be the end of the story, but there are still problems on the state and local level.


Democrats want leftist judges to decide electoral maps.

Billionaire leftist George Soros is helping to fund the National Democratic Redistricting Committee aimed at taking control away from voters. Texas Governor Abbott noted in a 2017 op-ed that congressional redistricting would go into effect in 2021, “when booming conservative states such as Texas will gain seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

A Dangerous Group

An incorporated group called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee formed after the former President and his former attorney general, Obama and Holder, called for an end to gerrymandering. The group helped take on the gerrymandering that Democrats claim is responsible for uneven control. They didn’t take on Democrat gerrymandering of course.

The group also coordinates ballot initiatives, organizes legal challenges to various state redistricting maps, and directs fundraising. With Soros money behind them, groups like this have gone far.

George Soros’s money is also being used to win seats that will help redraw districts without gerrymandering.

Buying Permanent Control

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee plans to wrest control from voters of congressional redistricting in 2021 for the benefit of their special-interest donors.

The first fundraisers for this self-described “supergroup” were held in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder, the tax-exempt 527 political action committee planned a three-pronged attack to flood state-level races with outside money, to leverage activist courts to wrest control of state redistricting plans, and finally, with the formidable community organizing prowess of former President Barack Obama, to fund astroturfed ballot initiatives in the guise offairness.”

During Obama’s eight years, Democrats lost 12 governorships, nine Senate seats, 62 House seats, and more than 900 state legislative seats. They want to make certain this never happens again.

We must be vigilant, and this is a great win. It takes power from judges and puts it back in the hands of voters.


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4 years ago

Good news! Look, the US Constitution never mentions political parties. A political party is a club like the Boy Scouts or the Sierra Club. I see no reason why any of them would have standing to challenge in court how our state governments choose to elect our representatives.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Amen, thank God! Putting a stop to the evil Obama attempting to transform America into a Socialist nation.