Great Week for Terrorists, for Criminals, for Traitors


Radio host Chris Plante said this is a “great week for terrorists for criminals, for traitors…” He brought up the little noticed deal Obama made with Cuba.

“Listen, this is a great week for terrorists, for criminals, for traitors. President Obama, little noticed item, signed a deal, the administration did on Monday, in Cuba with the Cuban government where Joanne Chesimard, who is a convicted cop killer, terrorist and radical that was given safe haven in Cuba.”

It’s a reverse deal. Cuba doesn’t have to return the fugitive criminals they’ve been giving safe harbor.

“The Obama Administration cut a deal with the regime there that they don’t to have return the criminals that are being given safe haven.”

“He’s trying to release as many people as possible from Guantanamo Bay, terrorists, many of whom will return to murder. He’s commuted the sentence of Private Manning who betrayed his country. And there’s also a little noticed FALN member who is responsible for about 130 terrorist bombings in the United States, and he’s a radical left winger and he’s commuted his sentence. You start putting all these together and I think you get a picture of who Barack Obama is.”

That allegedly “irreversible” deal he made with Cuba is a lot worse than he even described. Click the link.

Obama Signs “Irreversible” Deal to Share Sweeping Security Intel with Cuba

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