Greatest Democrat Orator Barack Obama Tries to Insult Trump But God Punishes Him Instead



Obama has a history of stuttering when he doesn’t have his five teleprompters. Words fail him as well.

Obama already turned us against one another but, as usual, he says the opposite in his speeches such as the one two days ago. Listen to the clip of the stutterer-in-chief, uh, uh, uh…okie doke.

He has a history of this. Check it out at the end.

Obama was once declared Orator-in-Chief by the Guardian and HuffPo called him the third greatest presidential orator in the modern era. He was widely known as the greatest Democrat orator.

WaPo frequently said he was a “gifted speaker”. The Atlantic referred to his “amazing grace.”

If one ignores his lying, he has had his moments. We should remember those moments, okie doke?

Remember when he thought he was a Muslim?

This one was my all-time favorite and, to all you corpse men out there, here it is:

He was also planning to speed up the training of ISIL aka IS aka ISIS:

This is a nice compilation though it hardly covers all of his great moments.


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6 years ago

He always soundsso presidential!