Greatest Threat of Collusion by America’s Enemies Is Not From Russia


We do have to worry about collusion by our enemies, only it’s not Russia causing the problems. It’s our “good friends” and allies.

President Trump is a free trader going up against a thuggish world who have an ever-growing advantage in trade with the United States. We have a deficit with every key trading partner and it has cost us jobs and depressed the wages of American workers.

The President told the EU leaders at the G7 Summit they should drop all tariffs and have truly free trade but they are not interested. Instead, they paint him as a protectionist, which is what they are.

They have colluded together, at the urging of the former president and his allies in the Democrat Party, against the President.

The EU has colluded and instead of negotiating in good faith for a fairer deal with America, they have decided to attempt to unseat the President.  Furthermore, they are slapping tariffs on goods coming from the Red States. Tariffs were placed on items such as Bourbon, tobacco, Harley Davidson motorcycles, peanut butter, and other goods from the Red States.

This isn’t collusion?

They hope to erode Trump’s base of support and sway the elections. It will allow them to gain more and more advantages in trade. The Democrats support them in this instead of looking for a fairer deal for American workers. They would see the economy collapse before they would do a thing that helps America under President Trump.

With good friends like this, who needs enemies?

Via The Independent

The EU’s tariffs target products primarily made in Republican states, hoping to threaten Mr. Trump’s party in the run-up to the November midterm elections. They come after a tense showdown at the G7 summit, where Mr. Trump refused to sign on to a joint communique with leaders of the world’s most advanced economies.

That communique, by the way, was nothing more than a Socialist manifesto.

EU’s Communist Ringleader is colluding

One of the ringleaders is the Communist European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker who said the EU would “do what we have to do to rebalance and safeguard” against the US tariffs.

“It goes against all logic and history,” he said of the US taxes. “Our response must be clear but measured.”

Juncker is the one who chose to do business with Iran over the U.S.

They are the protectionists, not Trump. They are the establishment who are destroying the USA to line their own pockets. They imposed tariffs but we aren’t allowed to in their world.

Experts say the list of US goods that will be targeted by Europe is intended to hurt states that voted for him. Tariffs on bourbon will affect jobs in Kentucky, the home state of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Tariffs on motorcycles will affect Harley Davidson, which has its headquarters in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s native Wisconsin.

“They’re pretty savvy about this,” said Ross Denton, an international trade specialist, and partner at law firm Baker McKenzie. “It’s quite a calculated process.”

The EU hopes that if lawmakers face job losses in their districts, they will try to pressure Trump to change his policies, Denton said.

They also want to destroy the President. He’s not a leftist like Obama who constantly sacrificed the US worker at their altar and apologized for all our successes.

US agricultural products from red states are also in the line of fire for retaliatory tariffs.

This is collusion.

Mexico and the Future Communist President collude to destroy the USA

Mexico said it will slap trade penalties on American pork, for example. Pork production is concentrated in North Carolina, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, and Missouri. All of those states except Minnesota and Illinois voted for Trump in 2016.

“The Europeans and Mexico have targeted industries that have politically prominent locations,” said Brad Setser, senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. “They’ve followed the standard playbook on how to retaliate effectively.”

Mexico is flooding our country with an underclass of invaders who enrich their nation. The new likely president is unabashedly Communist. He says it is a ‘human right’ for every person in the world to be able to enter the USA illegally. If he’s elected, he wants his people to pour into the USA in even greater numbers. We already catch 50,000 invaders a month and those are the ones we catch.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared it a “human right” for all North Americans during a speech this past week, reported.

He vowed that he would be advocating for all migrants once he wins the July 1 election.

“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we are going to defend the migrants of the entire American continent and all the migrants of the world who, by necessity have to leave their villages to seek life in the United States,” Obrador said.

“It is a human right that we are going to defend,” he added.

Will the Democrats in this country ever stand up for the USA? They are also colluding to hurt the USA.

These are our friends? Is it Russia we should fear right now? They are not our friends either but are these people? Shall we just succumb or fight?

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