Greedy Corporations Are Lying About the Labor Shortage


There is no shortage of labor, but corporations want cheap labor.

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Dr. Steven Camarota, the Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies, has reported that in 2000 about three-quarters of the Americans of working age had jobs but in 2015, only two-thirds were. Camarota said, “Doesn’t this suggest that we’re not creating as many jobs as we think and people are not working?

The tree is the same, whether it is for  “real wages for STEM workers nationally, those in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as accountants, high school drop outs, janitors, maids, nannies and busboys. They all show little to no wage growth. And at the bottom in some ways, people actually earn less than they used to.”

“If you look at the kinds of people that do those jobs, who have only a high school education or less than a high school education, the fraction holding a job is even worse, sometimes than just two-thirds. Sometimes only half are working and it’s really bad for young people and minorities.”

My only point is that all of the data the government suggests, whether it’s STEM or whether it’s high school dropouts shows no evidence of a labor shortage. The only evidence we have is testimonials from owners of business,” Camarota said, pointing out the obvious.

The need that exists in some places is not an overall need though corporations would like us to think so.

“So at least, maybe one thing to do when a chicken plant says, ‘Gosh, you know, we can’t find anybody,’ try to see how much they’ve raised wages. If they haven’t raised their wages in ten years or they just did it to keep [even with] inflation, that may suggest that yeah, they just want to pay really low wages. But that’s very different than ‘I can’t find anybody.’ It’s ‘I can’t find anybody, given how I want to treat workers. I can’t find anybody, given what I want to pay.’”



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