Green New Deal Co-Author Goes Ballistic! Mocking Follows!


Ed Markey, who co-wrote the bizarre Socialist Climate Manifesto known as the Green New Deal, has gone nuts over the fact that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been kind enough to bring it up for a floor vote.

Markey doesn’t want his comrades silenced since this is a movement he can get behind. But Senator McConnell is not silencing them. He is giving it voice and the attention it deserves.

Markey put out this sprawling piece of garbage legislation with a woman-child and is complaining that Senator Mitch McConnell is making Democrats show they do indeed support it.

Markey is being widely-mocked and we touch upon it here.


There is so much more. He’s the running joke.


  1. TERM LIMITS – TERM LIMITS!!! Make it happen. We don’t need any shills for any garbage legislation! We don’t need geriatric political office careerists! 4 year limit house, 6 year limit senate.

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