Green-on-Blue Murders Continue in Afghanistan, Along with Aid to Karzai – Update

Chuck Hagel and Hamid Karzai Shining for the Press
Chuck Hagel and Hamid Karzai Shine for the Press

Update: March 18: The Mullahs in Afghanistan are now telling us to get out or there will be reprisals. They are angry that we didn’t get out of Wardak province fast enough and that we haven’t turned Bagram prison over to them. They murdered two of our soldiers in retaliation and wounded ten others. [tolo news]

“Allah has never allowed Muslims to accept the sovereignty and rule of the infidels,” the National Ulema Council said in a statement.

I guess Chuck Hagel’s conciliatory approach didn’t work.

It’s time to leave and drop a few drones on the way out, right before we cut off aid.

Original Story: March 16: Hamid Karzai has  made the US pullout from Afghanistan far more dangerous with his recent verbal assaults on our military. President Obama’s silence has empowered him.

On March 10th, Karzai, recipient of billions in aid from the US, blamed us for the Taliban attacks. Karzai said we colluded with the Taliban to keep Afghanistan unstable so we would have to remain in Afghanistan.

President Obama voted present on Karzai’s comments. He said nothing and did not threaten a loss of aid.  President Obama has been invisible when it comes to keeping Karzai under control.

The day after Karazi made these comments, on March 11, twelve soldiers were shot, two American troops and three Afghans were killed in a green-on-blue crime. A gunman wearing an Afghan police uniform opened fire. It took place while the troops were visiting a facility in Wardak to help train Afghans.

It was also the deadline Karzai set for a US withdrawal from the province of Wardak. Karzai set the deadline two weeks previous, after accusing Afghans of working with US Special Forces to harass, torture and murder innocent civilians. President Obama did nothing then either. Karzai’s aid is still in place.

A US-Afghan team is investigating. That’s not comforting.

Hagel did cancel the press conference with Karzai scheduled for that day – wow, what a snub! However, the two had a private dinner later that day. We wouldn’t want to come off too negative.

To date, 2189 US soldiers have died in Afghanistan, the good war. We won the war and lost the peace with Obama’s insistence on setting a withdrawal date and going limp on establishing a presence in the region.

One thing we can be sure of is that Obama will turn Bagram prison over to Karzai who will then release the terrorists.

The other thing we can be sure of is that we will give Afghanistan $2 billion in aid each year through 2017.

Full story at ABC News



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