Greg Gutfeld Asks Juan Williams If He Is “Out of His Mind” After He Calls Gutfeld a Racist


We listened to Juan Williams on The Five so you don’t have to! We spared our readers.

Juan’s latest racialist ranting was intended to avoid any legitimate discussion of the illegality of DACA by jumping to Sheriff Arpaio. Gutfeld said he was sick of hearing the comparison to the Gutfeld pardon “over and over”.

“It’s just a way to steer the argument from somewhere else,” Gutfeld said as Williams shot back that he thought this was “about the law.”

“It is,” Gutfeld replied “Just something to think about: when an illegal alien gets a job, who’s that job taken from? Who could have filled that job? A white person or a black person? Did you ever think about that?”

“Yeah, I have thought about that,” Williams responded in a huff.

“Because you only see it as race!” Gutfeld pointed out. “I see it as Americans, you see it as race.”

Williams repeated the now-hackneyed misstatement about Trump calling all Mexicans, who make up 75 percent of DREAMers “rapists, thieves, and murderers.”

“You’re deflecting now,” Gutfeld said.

“I’m not deflecting!” Williams shot back. “You don’t like to deal with race because it makes you feel guilty, Greg!”

“Are you out of your mind?!?” Gutfeld exclaimed. “I’ll talk to you about race until I’m blue in the face!”

“If you do away with immigrants who came and acted as honorable…” Williams started to say when Gutfeld jumped in.

“I know, I know. You’re calling me a racist. I hear it,” he said. “You’re calling me a racist, Juan. Well done!”

Williams went on, making it worse, “I’m not calling you a racist. That would be easy for you.”

Jesse Waters interrupted and deflected, but the fact is that Juan Williams is the one who sees race everywhere all the time.



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Allen Elliott
Allen Elliott
6 years ago

I heard this argument but why did you miss the one that proved Juan wasn’t think straight? Greg asked Juan If a man living in taxes went down to Mexico illegally and worked at the fast food industry, drove a car without a license or insurance, and got himself in trouble with the law and Mexico deported him back to the us, would it be by law or racism? Juan said law. Then he asked what if it was the other way around, Juan argued that now it is racism.

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

Juan Williams is a pinhead idiot. I often thought some of the things he says were just for laughs, but I know now that he is just not intelligent enough to compete with the other four on The Five…at that skinny blonde with the goggle glasses is not far behind.